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Organize Any Room With Track Shelving

Call it what you want – track shelving, adjustable shelves, wall-mounted shelving kits – one thing is for sure; this versatile shelving style can do a lot more than you think. Once thought to be strictly for closet organization use, these shelves are now popping up everywhere. They’re easy to install, can fit in any space, and super affordable. What’s not to love? Just be sure to ditch the wire shelf option, and go for the solid board shelves, or make your own with stained wood!

track shelving

You can pick up different versions of these tracks, brackets, and shelves at several different stores. But we’ve found the cheapest options to be at your local hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot. Wherever you get your shelves, be sure to check out these inspirational ideas below on how to style them.

Books and Decor

With a simple and minimal look, these shelves are great for holding books and accessories without looking too busy or cluttered.

living room shelves

Source: Emily Henderson

Office / Craft Supplies

With a system like this you can adjust the length and height of the shelves, making it great to use in an office or craft room as part of the computer desk. Plus, we love this version with the colorful brackets.

home office shelving

Source: West Elm

Living Room

Big blank wall in the living room? Fill it with shelves! The style is instantly heightened with  the shelf light and chic accessories.

track shelving

Source: House*Tweaking

Closet Organization

Don’t forget you can still stick to the classic use of these shelves – the closet. A track system is still a go-to solution for closet organization because of it’s affordability and versatility. We love using them for shoe storage.

closet shelving

Source: Southern Curls and Pearls

All White with Cabinets

Choosing white tracks, white shelves, and white brackets; and pairing the system with white wall cabinets creates a beautiful nook in this home. And the result looks just as good as a custom built-in, for a fraction of the price.

all white shelving

Source: Four Empty Walls

Small Storage

These shelves don’t have to expand a whole wall, they work in small spaces as well like above a small desk. We love the more rustic look of these black tracks and brackets paired with natural wood shelves.

track shelving

Source: Fresh Picked

TV Wall

Can’t find a media cabinet you love? Use a shelving system instead. It creates storage space, and helps incorporate your TV into the decor.

shelving around tv

Source: Almost Makes Perfect


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