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Plan A Family Movie Night at Home

Taking the whole family out to the movie theater can be a big expense, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fun family movie night at home. Instead of just plopping down on the couch and hitting the play button, why not make the night a special event? Here are a few ideas to make movie night at home memorable.

Make a Movie Themed Snack

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Skip the popcorn and make a snack that goes with the them of the movie! If you are watching Harry Potter, make butter beer and pumpkin pasties. If you are watching Moana, have goldfish or make some rice crispy treats shaped sails. Be creative and get the kids involved picking out the snack and preparing it.

Have Your Own Red Carpet

Pretend you are at the premier for the movie! Everyone can dress up in their fanciest clothes and walk the red carpet before the movie! You can have interviews to find out who everyone is wearing!

Record Movie Reviews

After the movie, grab your phone and record reviews of the film! Everyone in the family can take a turn discussing their favorite parts, what they liked, what they didn’t. Then each person can rate the movie out of 5 stars.

Have a Drive In

Save up your old boxes and turn them into cars that the kids can “drive” to the drive in movie! We love the cars that Busy Creating Memories made.  The kids will love decorating their cars and it will add to the anticipation of a fun family movie night. If the weather is warm, you could even have the drive in movie outside.

Camp in the Living Room

Plan a family camp out for movie night. Move the furniture out of the way and make a comfy space on the floor with lots of air mattresses, pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals. Let the kids stay up past their bed time and camp out in the living room over night.

Make Selecting the Movie Fun

If you have a lot of strong opinions in your home, it may be hard to even decide on a movie! Try to make the decision fun! Create a spinner like the one above from Kindergarten Chaos or use an online one, with all of the suggested movie titles. Maybe you could play a quick game Uno and whoever wins gets to pick the movie. Or, you could create a quiz with questions about the family and whoever answers the most right, gets to pick the movie. Here are some examples of questions: When is the name of the company Dad works for? What is Moms’ middle name? Name the birthdays of everyone in the family.

Make family movie night a fun event for all by using one or a combination of these suggestions. Staying in to watch a movie can be just as fun as heading out to the theater!

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