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Procrastinator’s Guide To Getting Prepared

Been putting off your attempts to be prepared? Procrastinate no more. Here is your procrastinator’s guide to getting prepared.

Do Something…Anything

Stop procrastinating and start getting prepared. Doesn’t matter what you start with, just start. This was sound advice that got me off the fence and into preparing. So, whether it’s buying some fresh batteries or extra peanut butter at the store get to it.

Do A Walk Through

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I was stumped in my preparedness efforts because I couldn’t decide which emergency to prepare for. Doing a walk through of what each emergency might look like is super helpful for us procrastinators. As you walk through what you would need for a job loss you might realize you need to save some money each month and beef up your food storage with the things you eat most. If it’s an earthquake you might think of what you want to do if you have no power for a few days or no access to water. Then, make a list as you go of the things you need and consider adding an item or two from your list to your next order.

Buy Toilet Paper

If there is anything that I have learned from this pandemic it’s that I NEVER want to not have enough toilet paper. Toilet paper has NOTHING to do with having COVID-19 yet it went missing from the shelves for weeks and weeks. Therefore, my friends, take this advice from a procrastinator’s guide to getting prepared and buy some toilet paper.


Always Have A Spare

You can stop procrastinating and get prepared by always having a spare around. When you scrape out the last of the peanut butter is not the time to add it to the grocery list. Always have one or two in reserve and replace when you take from the reserve.


Clearly water is super important. Whether it’s bottled or in jugs or in a big barrel, don’t procrastinate. Start with whatever you have room/money for and work towards 1 gallon (at least) per person per day. Ultimately working towards a 2 weeks supply. Check out my post on storing water in a 55 gallon barrel.

The Provident Prepper

Solar Charger

When doing our emergency walk through I realized I did NOT want to be without power for our electronic devices. So I purchased this solar charger from Amazon. It saves from having to always have fresh batteries on hand and will keep our phones and iPads running . Plus it has a built in flashlight.


Let There Be Light

Last but not least, get light. Flashlights, lanterns, candles, you name it. You will want a source of light when things get dark. Check out this solar powered/hand crank flashlight. You won’t be left in the dark with this friend. Another lightbulb moment I had was when I realized all our cell phones come with built in flashlights and I am the proud owner of a solar charger to keep them all powered up. Boom!


Finally, this procrastinator’s guide to getting prepared should help you along the path to preparedness. It can be pretty overwhelming to decide where to start but doing something, anything, is better than not doing anything at all.


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