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Pull Weeds Without Breaking Your Back

Need to pull weeds to clean up your yard this fall? Check out our tips for getting rid of those weeds without injuring your back!

Image by summa from Pixabay

Best Way to Pull Weeds (Without Breaking Your Back)

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Fall is a beautiful season, but it does mean it’s time to do some work out in the garden. In addition to picking up sticks, trimming bushes, and hedges, and raking leaves, its the perfect time to pull weeds to get your beds ready for the spring. But all this clean up can lead to back strain.

So here are a few tips to help avoid injuries.

Use a Weed Killer

The quickest way to get rid of weeds without bending over is to spray them with a weed killer. If you are concerned about using harsh chemicals in your garden, there are lots of great recipes for safe, natural weed killers.

Maintain Good Posture

If you do need to bend over to pull weeds, be sure to use good posture to avoid injury. Engage your core so you aren’t just stressing out your back muscles.

Grab a Bench

There are lots of gardening benches on the market. Sitting down to pull weeds saves your knees and your back. Consider investing in one this year.

Enlist the Kids

pulling weeds

Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash

Make fall clean up a family affair! If your kids are old enough, enlist their help. This is a great job for kids who love to dig and get dirty. Getting the kids involved is a great way to introduce them to your love of gardening.

Use the Right Tools

tools for weeds

To save you time on your hands and knees, use the proper tools. Using the right equipment will help you extract the weeds quickly and efficiently, thus cutting down on your time bending over the garden. Daisy grubbers are great for getting down to the root of the weed. You can also purchase weed removing tools with extra long handles so you don’t even have to bend over.

Lighten Your Load

If you are dumping weeds into a bucket or a bag, don’t overfill it. Keep the loads light to save your back. It’s better to make lots of trips to the compost bin than risking injury carrying a heavy load.  Better yet, consider investing in a wheelbarrow.

Prevent Weeds

preventing weeds

Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay

The best way to avoid pulling weeds is to prevent them from growing in the first place. So, this year, after you pull all the weeds take measures to prevent their return. Pull up as much of the root as you can. Cardboard, newspaper, brown paper bags and weed paper are all great to put down around your plants to keep weeds at bay. Mulching regularly helps too!

Fall clean up time doesn’t have to result in a sore back this year. Follow these tips and take lots of breaks in between your clean up sessions. Happy Gardening!

Pull Weeds Without Breaking Your Back

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