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Revive Your Enamel Sink

clean enamel sink

I love my white enamel kitchen sink. Or, at least I used to before it got all scratched and stained. I do clean my sink daily with dish soap and water, but over time it started to show the signs of aging. I tried lots of different products to restore it to a shiny white, but I only found one thing that worked: baking soda and hydrogen peroxide! It’s so simple! Here’s what I did:

What Didn’t Work

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I’m sure these products would work on a sink with mild staining, but since mine was pretty extreme, these barely made a dent.

  • non abrasive cleaners
  • magic eraser
  • foaming bleach cleanser
  • pumice stone
  • baking soda and dish soap paste (although this was the best of all the ones I tried)

What Did Work

how to clean enamel sink

After trying all these products, I was about to give up. I really thought a baking soda and dish soap paste was going to do the trick! Then I tried baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and it worked!

Step By Step Instructions

enamel sink

First I made a paste out of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. I didn’t measure this. I just kind of eyeballed it. You won’t need a lot of hydrogen peroxide. I scrubbed the paste into the sink using a clean sponge. This helped a little but I could see it wasn’t going to take all of the stains out immediately. I let the past sit in the sink for 1/2 hour. I could see that the stains were lightening. Again, if your sink isn’t too far gone, 1/2 hour might be all you need. But for my sink, I decided to let the paste sit overnight. I was weirdly excited the next morning to run down and check the sink. To my surprise and relief, the mixture did it’s job! The sink is now nearly stain-free. Plus, I didn’t need to do any additional scrubbing, just a quick rinse.

To Prevent Staining

clean scratched enamel sink

Now that my sink is sparkly and shiny again, I’m determined to keep it that way. To prevent staining, I plan on continuing my routine of cleaning the sink with dish soap and water daily. But, I’ll also add in a weekly cleaning with a baking soda and dish soap paste. I also invested in a sink protector to keep pots and pans from leaving marks in the sink.

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