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What Are the Best Things to Store Under Your Bed?

The space underneath our beds is often left unused. Most people don’t think to store items underneath their beds. There are a bunch of things you can store under your bed to free up space elsewhere in your home.

Off Season Clothing

clothes to store under your bed

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There are many different sized and shaped totes that you can purchase to fit in just about any space. Some of them are long and shallow enough to be slid under most beds. Purchase a few of these at your local department store and store your off-season clothes in them.

For example, now that it’s summer, store your fall/winter clothes in these totes since the chances of you wearing them this time of year is very small. Storing them in the totes will keep them dry, away from insects, and easily accessible should you need a sweater or something of that nature for any reason. Then, when summer is over change out your warm weather clothes for your cold weather ones. Implement this storage system with each member of your family for a quick and effective way to free up space in closets and dressers all year long.

Extra Toys

toys to store under your bed

Kids seem to collect more toys than you have spaces in your home to store them, don’t they? Toy boxes are often overflowing and toys are left scattered about. One solution for this dilemma would be to buy some sort of storage bin that can be slid and/or stored under your child’s bed. This could be a tote, a basket, or another fun idea is to buy a children’s kiddie pool to store extra toys under the bed. This will depend on the height of the bed frame of course. Encourage your children to put the toys in the storage option you choose.  Then push it under the bed when they aren’t using them.

Create Your Own Makeshift Bookshelf

books to store under your bed

Bedtime reading and story time can be made so much simpler with this awesome idea! One idea would be to go down to your local hardware store and purchase a piece of plastic sheeting.  It will likely have to be cut to size by a store employee. Get it cut to fit under the bed, but not larger or the exact same size as the bed. You want to be able to slide it in and out from underneath the bed.

Once you have your piece of plastic, stack your books in piles on top of the plastic sheeting as high as the bed frame will allow. Make as many piles side by side as you may need. Now, slide the sheeting under the bed slowly. When you need a new book to read pull it out from under the bed. Other storage containers can be used for the same concept too of course!

Some other ideas for things to store under your bed: pet beds when not in use, extra shoes, craft items in long rectangular totes, spare linens and foldable exercise equipment.

What are the Best Things to Store Under Your Bed?


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