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Simple Tips for Happy House Plants

Live house plants continue to be a huge trend in the home decor world, and no room looks complete without at least one. Plants add life, color, and organic structure to your home; but caring for them doesn’t have to be complicated. With these simple tips, even the laziest and blackest thumbs can grow healthy house plants.

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Simple Tips for Happy House Plants

Simple Supplies

You only need a few basic things to keep your plants happy, no need for gimmicky products or dozens of supplies taking up room in your cabinet.

1. Start with a watering can. Choose a model with a long, thin spout to ensure easy, no-mess pouring.

2. Keep a spray bottle on hand when you need to clean the foliage of your plants. The leaves of your plants will occasionally need dusting. Lightly mist your plant then gently wipe the leaves clean with a soft cloth.

3. An in-door plant fertilizer can help give your plants a little extra boost in the growing months of March to September. Applying once every one or two months should do the trick – and be sure to follow the water dilution guide on the box. Be careful not to over-fertilize or you can damage your plants.

A Few Tips

Lazy gardeners and beginners should keep it simple when it comes to house plants.

1. Choose low maintenance plants. Snake plants, pathos, rubber tree, and the spider plant are a few basic varieties that are very easy to care for.

2. Water once a week. Watering on a once a week schedule is the easiest way to ensure you don’t over-water or under-water your plants. But be sure to only bring home plants that thrive on this schedule. Before watering, check the soil with your fingers. Soil should be slightly dry before the next watering.

3. Keep plants in a room with good light and don’t move them too much. Once you find a spot your plant is happy, let it be – some plants can be “shocked” when they’re moved and could die.


Simple Tips for Happy House Plants

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