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Simplify Your Holiday Shopping This Year

Holiday shopping can easily get out of hand! It can be overwhelming to figure out who you need to buy for, what they might like, and how much you should spend. If you don’t go into holiday shopping with a plan, you can easily buy too much and overspend. Here are a few tips to help you simplify your holiday shopping this year.  

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Four Gift Rule

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Have you heard of the 4 gift rule? Each child receives 4 gifts: Something You Want, Something You Need, Something to Play With, Something to Read. Sticking to these 4 categories simplifies the shopping process. The categories help you zone in on the perfect present for your child. And, since you are only buying 4 presents, it keeps the cost down and the clutter to a minimum. 

White Elephant or Secret Santa

When buying for groups like office mates or adult family members, consider doing a White Elephant. Every person purchases just one present and receives just one present. Buying less and spending less is the key for simplifying holiday shopping.

Kids Only

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If your holiday shopping list includes extended family and family friends, keep it to kids only. Let’s face it, us adults can buy whatever we want for ourselves. Make a pact with your family and friends to just buy for the kiddos. Then you can enjoy watching the kids open their presents and enjoy having removed the pressure of having more people to buy for. 

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is a great way to simplify your holiday shopping. If you are buying for teachers, coaches, and volunteers, find one great gift to get for all of them! 

Stocking Stuffers

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I’m not sure about you, but I tend to forget about stocking stuffers until the very last minute. Last-minute shopping leads to overbuying and overspending. So, if you fill stockings, make sure you plan for these presents ahead of time. If you are looking to spend less on stocking stuffers, fill them with essentials: fun soaps, shampoos, body wash, lotion, chapstick, gloves, hats, socks, etc…

Make a List

This is a simple trick that you are probably already doing: make a list and check it twice! Shopping off your list leads to unnecessary purchases. Plan ahead and stick to the list.

Holiday Shopping Online

Shopping online is a great way to simplify. You’ll save tons of time by not having to battle traffic and shop in the stores and malls. It can also help to curb unexpected impulse purchases that you might make in the stores.

Being overwhelmed by holiday shopping can quickly take the joy out of the season. By planning ahead, and simplifying your shopping list, you’ll be able to slow down and enjoy the holidays. 

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