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Six Fun DIY Summer Activities

Ah, summer—a time when school’s out, the sun is shining, and children are bubbling with endless energy. To channel all that energy check out these six fun DIY summer activities.

Children jumping to get a ball. Six Fun DIY Summer Activities

Photo by Robert Collin on Unsplash

Fun DIY Summer Activities

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As a parent, you might find yourself wondering how to channel that summer exuberance into something productive. Fear not! I’ve got you covered. These six DIY activities will not only entertain your children but also keep you from losing your sanity. Get ready to unleash your inner creativity and embark on a summer adventure like no other!

Nature Scavenger Hunt

One of the best ways to connect with nature and explore the great outdoors is through a thrilling nature scavenger hunt. This DIY activity sparks curiosity and encourages children to observe and appreciate the wonders of nature.

To get started, create a list of items commonly found in your local environment, such as a feather, a pinecone, a four-leaf clover, or a smooth rock. Make copies of the list for each participant or team and equip them with a small bag or basket to collect their treasures.

Gather the children in a nearby park, forest, or even your own backyard, and explain the rules. Set a time limit and encourage them to work individually or in teams to find as many items as possible. The child or team with the most items at the end wins a small prize or gets to choose the next family activity.

Children in a field. Six Fun DIY Summer Activities

Photo by Vitolda Klein on Unsplash

The Nature Scavenger Hunt promotes critical thinking, observation skills, and teamwork. It also provides an opportunity for children to learn about different plants, animals, and natural features in their surroundings.

Culinary Capers

Turn your kitchen into a culinary playground with some fun and tasty recipes. Engage your mini chefs in preparing a homemade pizza party, complete with personalized toppings and their unique pizza designs.

Embrace the mess and let them knead the dough, sprinkle the cheese, and create edible masterpieces. Not only will you satisfy their taste buds, but you’ll also unleash their inner Emeril Lagasse. Bon appétit!

Camp Living Room

Who needs to venture into the wilderness when you can bring the outdoors to your living room? Set up a makeshift camping experience complete with a fort, sleeping bags, and a starry night projection on the ceiling.

People inside a fort in the house. Six Fun DIY Summer Activities

Photo by Kate Darmody on Unsplash

Whip up some indoor s’mores, share ghost stories, and let your imagination run wild. This DIY camp adventure guarantees quality family time, without the hassle of mosquito bites or sleeping on hard ground. Plus, it’s just a few steps away from your beloved air conditioning!

You could also use your fort to pop some popcorn and watch a movie together. Or, grab a favorite book and have a read-a-thon inside your fort. Any activity inside the fort becomes a fun summer activity!

Treasure Hunt Extravaganza

Transform your backyard into a treasure trove of excitement and adventure with a DIY treasure hunt. Create a series of clues and riddles leading your little explorers to a grand prize—a hidden trove of goodies.

Let them work together, solve puzzles, and exercise their problem-solving skills as they embark on a quest of epic proportions. With a little creativity, you can transform an ordinary afternoon into a thrilling escapade that will keep them entertained for hours on end.

Ice Chalk

Beat the summer heat with this fun summer activity that is vibrant and refreshing. This DIY activity is – ice chalk! It is a colorful twist on sidewalk chalk that allows children to unleash their artistic talents while staying cool (who could ask for more).

To make ice chalk, combine equal parts water and cornstarch in several small bowls or muffin tins. Add a few drops of food coloring to each bowl and mix thoroughly. Pour the mixture into ice cube trays or silicone molds and insert a popsicle stick into each compartment.

Place the molds in the freezer for a few hours or until the chalk is solid. Once frozen, let the kids take their ice chalk creations outside and unleash their inner Picasso on the pavement or sidewalk. As the ice chalk melts, the vibrant colors will create epic temporary masterpieces.

Want to keep things even simpler. Grab some paint brushes and a bowl of water and let the kiddos use the water to “paint” the sidewalk. Be quick so you can finish the masterpiece before it starts to disappear!

DIY Obstacle Course

Bring the excitement of a playground to your own backyard with a DIY obstacle course. This activity promotes physical activity, coordination, and problem-solving skills, all while having a blast.

Use items you already have at home, such as hula hoops, cones, jump ropes, buckets, and cardboard boxes, to create different challenges. Set up stations for activities like jumping through hoops, crawling under tables or balancing on a beam made from a wooden plank.

A boy playing on a playground; Six Fun DIY Summer Activities

Photo by Bambi Corro on Unsplash

To add a little competition to this activity pull out a stopwatch. See who can complete the obstacle course in the least amount of time. Then, the winner could make up a new obstacle course or try doing the obstacles in a different order.

If you happen to have a playground near your home or want to go on a little outing doing obstacle courses at playgrounds can be a lot of fun as well. Check out this Organized Mom article, “5 Entertaining Games to Play at the Playground” for more fun summer DIY activities to play at the park.

With these six fun DIY summer activities up your sleeve, you’re armed and ready to tackle the summer with your children. From unleashing their artistic prowess in with ice chalk to embarking on an indoor camping adventure, these activities are sure to keep boredom at bay and create lasting memories. So, gather your supplies, prepare for laughter, and embrace the chaos—it’s time to make this summer one for the books!


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