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15 Fun Sleepover Games and Activities for Kids of All Ages

These fun sleepover games and activities are for kids of all ages. Whether you are hosting a sleepover for young children or older, here are some fun sleepover games and activity ideas that are a ton of fun.

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Sleepover Games & Activities for Kids

1. Nerf Gun War

Nerf gun wars are one of the most popular sleepover activities that we have done throughout the years. Everyone loves it and has fun. Plus, all you really need are some Nerf guns, like these Nerf Blasters.

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A Nerf gun war can be played inside (if you have a big enough space) or outside. It is also a great way for them to burn up all that energy they have and even the adults can get involved!

The kids can build their own forts or obstacles for even more fun. Our kids always liked to dress up in tactical play gear (like these, but be careful because they do run small).

2. Glow In The Dark Bowling

Although the kids never tried this, I thought it would be fun for them. The idea was that we would use those glowsticks and put them in a bottle of water. Then we would set them up like bowling pins and the kids would use a small ball to try and knock them down.

You can do glow-in-the-dark bowling just for fun or you can keep score to see who the best bowler is. This is also an activity that can be done indoors or outside.

3. Silly String Fight

Silly String fights are another activity that is always fun no matter what age you are. We love having silly string fights at parties or when we are just wanting to have some fun outside.

Be warned that it can get a little messy which is why we always tried to do it outside or where it can easily be cleaned up. We learned to avoid carpets and furniture the hard way!

4. Hide and Seek

This is an obvious one and kids love to see if they can find the best hiding spot. Sometimes the kids would make it a little more interesting by having the the seeker spin around 10 times or count to 10 before they can go find the others.

There was really only one rule and that was that those hiding could not move until they were found, but my son never seemed to follow this rule! He would try to trick them by moving around as they snuck by without seeing him.

5. Blind Makeovers

This is especially fun for middle school and teenagers. To start off the activity, have everyone get into partners.

Once they have a partner, one person will put on a blindfold and try to put makeup on their partner. Then they will swap and their partner will put makeup on them.

Be sure to have a camera ready because it won’t be pretty and everyone will have a good laugh!

6. Obstacle Course

This was another sleepover activity the kids loved, especially the boys. It was also fun for us to watch and root them on.

We set up the obstacle courses in the house by using a variety of different items and supplies. For instance, in our hallway, we used duct tape to create a maze that the children had to pass through. You can put the tape in different spots on the wall so you can do it limbo style or get really crafty and have the tape at different levels so they can maneuver around.

You can really get as creative as you want with items you have around the house. Just make sure those items aren’t breakable!

7. Printable Games and Activities

If you are looking for a quiet yet still fun sleepover game or activity, printable games/activities can be fun. Scavenger hunts, bingo, and other games would work well.


MASH was extremely popular when I was a kid. We would make our own MASH cards to play at sleepovers all of the time. It was really fun to “see what our future would be” by putting together our own options on the board.

9. Play Board Games

We use board games for a family fun night and also for sleepovers. We have a closet full of games so the kids can choose from a selection of different games.

10. Sleeping Bag Races

This was another fun sleepover activity both the boys and the girls enjoyed playing. If the kids don’t have a sleeping bag, you can always fold up a sheet or use a large pillowcase.

11. Hot Potato

To play hot potato, all you need is an object that the kids can toss around. It doesn’t have to be a potato, but you can use one for extra fun.

Set the timer for a certain amount of time and while the timer is running, have the kids pass it around to each other. Whoever has the ” hot potato” when the timer goes off, they are either out or have to do a certain activity that has been decided.

12. Dress Up

The kids always loved playing dress up. My son loved superheros so the boys would dress up as their favorite superhero and pretend like they were saving the world.

My daughter loved putting on makeup and dressing up so the girls would always dress up and have a fashion show parade.

13. Spin the Nail Polish

I actually heard about the game spin the nail polish from a friend of ours. The kids would sit in a circle with a bottle of nail polish in the middle. One person would spin it and whoever it pointed to would have to paint their nails that color. After that round was finished, a new color would be chosen and it would start all over.

Another way to do this is to place the nail polish on a lazy susan with all of the different colors. Someone would spin and whatever color landed in front of you, you would paint one nail. Continue the process until all of your nails are painted in different colors.

14. Pizza Making

Instead of ordering out for pizza during the sleepover, why not have the kids make their own pizzas. Just grab some premade pizza doughs (or make your own) and let the kids make individual pizzas with their favorite toppings.

15. Sleepover Bake Off

Perfect for older kids and a great way to come up with some snacks for the party! With a sleepover bake-off, everyone can make their own favorite cookie recipe, cake recipe, or brownie recipe.

Have Fun!

The most important thing is for the kids to have fun. If you are having trouble coming up with more ideas, get their opinions to see what they might want to do. You’d be surprised at how creative kids can get with the activities!

Fun sleepover games and activities for kids to do while having their friends over will make a lifetime of memories, which is what it is all about.

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