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Stop Wasting Time On Your Phone

Smartphones have changed so much about how we do life. They are a great tool for keeping in touch with loved ones and can be a big help when it comes to helping us organize our lives. But, our phones often turn into the ultimate time wasters. Because our phones are so integral to how we live and work, we can’t just ditch them, but there are a few things we can do to help us stop wasting time on them.

stop wasting time on your phone

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Get Rid of the Games

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Playing a few rounds of Candy Crush while you are waiting for your kids to finish their gymnastics lessons isn’t a waste of time. But, what about when you pull the phone out to send an important email or check your texts and then you somehow end up losing a half an hour to a game? That is a time-waster for sure. The easiest solution? Delete the games. You can’t waste time playing games on your smartphone if you don’t have any to play. Instead, toss a book in your bag to read while you are waiting.

Delete Social Media

Social media is one of my favorite ways to keep in touch with friends and read posts by my favorite bloggers, but more often than not, I spend way too much time scrolling instead of working on my to-do list. Keep yourself from wasting time on your phone by deleting your social media apps. Again, you can’t waste time on these apps if they aren’t on your phone.

Use Time Limiting Apps

If the idea of removing your favorite game or your Instagram account makes you weak in the knees, go ahead and keep them. But, install a time-limiting app to limit the amount of time you spend. A quick alarm that lets you know your time is up will have you off your phone before you lose track of time.

Move the Charger Away

A good way to stay off your phone is to keep the phone further away from you. Don’t charge your phone right next to your bed to avoid wasting time on your phone before bed or when you first way up. During the day, don’t keep your phone in your pocket or right next to you so you can avoid the temptation of picking it up and mindlessly scrolling. Have a set spot for it nearby, but at least a few feet away.

Take control of your smartphone! Use it as a tool to help you connect with others, record memories, stay organized. Don’t let the temptation of fun games and social media let you waste your valuable time.

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