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5 New Ideas for Storing Food in Small Places

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What happens when you have no room to stockpile food?  If you want to be prepared, start your food storage, and have food for a rainy day, but literally have no where to put anything extra in your house, try these clever ideas for storing food in small places!

Storage shelves in pantry with homemade canned preserved fruits and vegetables

Storage shelves in pantry with homemade canned preserved fruits and vegetables

1- Nightstand or Cabinet

In your bedroom you can place all the food neatly in boxes and then cover the boxes with a tablecloth!  Whenever your alarm wakes you up in the morning you can think of how great it is to be prepared!  Also, look for any cabinets or end tables that you would traditionally keep other things in, and add a few cans for food storage!

food storage in an end table or cabinet

2) Bookcase

This one is a little more unsightly, but use what you got right!  You can put a piece of wood on top of cans of food (the bigger cans that you can buy in bulk).   You can add as many “shelves” as you need.  You could even store other food on those shelves!

creating shelves with food storage

3) Under the Bed

Instead of a bed frame, just put your box spring on boxes of food!   Already have a bed frame, collect baskets or boxes to store food in.


4) Closets

If your coat closet is like mine, there is nothing under those coats!  Closet floors are a food storage GOLDMINE!  Also, the top of your closet!!  That hard to reach place is perfect for storing cans of food.

clothes closet for food storage

5) On household shelves

This is great if you have a basement, but lining your walls with shelves can be easily tucked out of the way!  You can also place small can strategically on shelves you actually ARE using for books.


food storage on a book shelf

If anyone else has any hidden food storage ideas we’d love to hear it!

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  • I love how organized your blog is….each day as a purpose. It makes it fun to read your blog. I wish I was as organized as you! 🙂

    You want to come to Oregon and do my house. hee hee! 1200 sq ft and 5 people.


  • Good ideas! I don’t have a true pantry–but there are wonderful built-in cabinets the next room over that I use for food storage. If my kitchen were huge, I figure I’d have to walk that far to my pantry anyway! I do have a hard time finding places to stash my stockpile of tp, paper towels, and laundry detergent. I’m thinking of taking over the shelves in the nursery closet–so far my baby’s belongings haven’t filled every inch of space like my son’s have!

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