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Summer Fun with Bubble Balls

Need something fun for a family reunion or birthday party? You can play lots of games and have tons of summer fun with bubble balls!

Bubble Balls

A bubble ball is also known as a bumper ball, orb ball or human hamster ball. How does a bubble ball work? It’s a giant inflatable ball that is hollow in the middle so you can fit yourself inside. It has hand holds and a shoulder strap to help keep it in place.

A lady standing in a bubble ball.
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Where can you find a bubble ball? They can be purchased online from places like Amazon or Wayfair. They are also available to rent from party stores or rental places. The one I rented from is called Plan-It Rental.

Bubble balls need to be inflated before use. Rented bubble balls should come with a pump. Many bubble balls that can be purchased do not come with a pump. So be sure to check what kind of pump can be used for the ball. Most can be pumped up with an electric pump, compressor or air mattress pump.

Consider also purchasing a patch kit. The bubble balls tend to get tears where the strings are attached on the inside. Try using one like this one on Amazon to repair any tears or holes your bubble balls gets.

Games to Play with Bubble Balls

2 kids bumping together in bubble balls.
Plan-It Rental

Red Light Green Light

Once you have bought or rented some bubble balls, let the fun begin!

A fun summer game to play with the bubble balls is Red Light Green Light. One person stands at the end of the designated playing field while the others line up at the other end ready to race. Then the game begins as the person at the end turns around (green light)with their back facing the others. Then those in the bubble balls start moving toward the finish line.

Be sure to stop when the person turns back around (red light) facing you or you may get sent back to the beginning for moving. The winner is whoever makes it to the person at the end of the playing field first.

This game is an oldie but a goodie and becomes a whole new game when you are playing it wearing a bubble ball! You can choose to run/waddle upright in the bubble ball or try and roll yourself to the finish line.


With everyone inside their bubble balls you will be ready to play a game of soccer. Being able to see the ball and kick it will be a challenge. Then watch out for the other team as they try and get the ball. There is sure to be some bumper ball going on.

Being goalie will be a new challenge when you can’t use your hands! You’ll just have your big bubble ball to try and block the other team from scoring.

Last One Standing

If you are really into the bumper side of the bubble balls then you will want to play the game, Last One Standing.

Set a perimeter for your game that all participants will stay within. Then when it’s go time everyone finds someone else to bump into.

With each bump you are trying to knock the other players off their feet. Once a player is no longer standing they are out for the round.

The last bubble baller to be upright is the winner! Thus the name of the game, Last One Standing.

Red Rover

Red Rover is an epic old school game. Though, after getting the wind knocked out of you or getting clothes lined as you tried to break through the opposing teams hands it lost some of its fun.

Yet, it’s time to bring Red Rover back bubble ball style. This time around there won’t be any hand holding involved. It will just be people in bubble balls standing side by side.

The goal would be to stand close together so when a bubble baller from the other side tries to break through the line of players they aren’t able to.

You could play this game with all bubble ball players, only the ones trying to break through in the bubble balls with the other side holding hands or having the line to break through be the bubble balls and the others without.

There are so many options when playing Red Rover in a bubble ball!

Races with the Bubble Ball

On your marks, get set, go! An old fashioned foot race is a whole new kind of race when you are wearing a bubble ball. Just trying to stay in your own lane is a challenge let alone trying to run fast.

Have lots of people wanting to race? Turn it into a relay race and let everyone make their way through a leg of it.

You can also do races where someone in a bubble ball gets rolled by someone not in a bubble ball. This one is not for those who get motion sick.

Rolling your partner along the racing path will be an adventure for the rolling and the roller. Not enough people to do both? Have a hill nearby? Let each person in a bubble ball get themselves rolling down the hill to see who gets to the bottom first.

A girl pushing another girl who is in side of a bubble ball.
Rolling in a bubble ball race

Obstacle Course

Make your race an obstacle course. There could be cones put up that the bubble ball wearer has to navigate around or people that they have to avoid getting knocked over by.

A true obstacle would be trying to go up a hill in a bubble ball! Just trying to get up after getting knocked over could be a major obstacle in a course as well.

If you are looking for a fun way to spice up your summer birthday party or family reunion then check out purchasing or renting some bubble balls. They are fun to use in games and races as well as just to mess around in. You won’t be disappointed.

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