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The new closet organization technique everyone should try

I’ve been doing some reading lately on capsule wardrobes and I love the idea. (how to build a capsule wardrobe)  Basically your entire wardrobe contains 30-35 pieces that can mix and match to create a variety of cute and stylish outfits.  Capsules are rotated every season with the off-season clothing being stored.  It is a dream for closet organization because your clothing stash becomes small and easy to work with which creates a pleasant and clean closet with space to spare.

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Starting With Summer

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I love downsizing things and I am a believer that less is more, generally speaking, so a capsule wardrobe really speaks to me.  Closet space is really lacking in our home so that is another reason to try capsule.  However, I am not exactly a fashion expert and the idea of getting rid of so much clothing made me nervous.  I decided to give it a try, but with a safety net.  This past summer I cleared all my clothing out of my closet except for a handful of summer weather pieces.  The extras I shoved into an extra closet in our office so I had a fall back if I had chosen poorly.  Guess what?  I think I only dipped into my extra clothing two times.  The pieces I had chosen were plenty to give variety to my dress and I had what I needed for different events.

On to Fall

Summer is casual, so I was a  little more nervous as I moved into fall.  With October starting, I put ALL my clothing back into my closet and started from scratch for a fall capsule.  My closet was crammed full and hard to manage or view what to wear.


Next, I took everything out and sorted it into a pile for each season:  fall, winter, spring, summer.


With summer just ending,  I know what I have not worn and those things I separated out to donate.  The only thing I left in my closet were a few basics:  some plain t-shirts and a simple skirt that goes with everything.  Winter, spring, and summer clothing I put back into storage.


Now, I worked with my fall pile only and began to mix and match clothing.  I tried to stay with a similar color theme.  I did a little shopping too 🙂  For example, I found on the clearance racks some tank shirts that went with a jacket I already had.  Bonus, since our weather is still quite hot.  I picked out a couple of cute sweaters and a matching blouse.  I chose 30 items including 2 jeans, 2 skirts, 2 jackets, a scarf, 3 tanks, 5 blouses, a flannel, 5 sweaters, a denim shirt, and 3 t-shirts, and shoes for the balance.  Plenty of clothing!

Extra fall clothing went into storage for now (safety net).  By the end of fall season, I hope to really be rid of the excess and possibly cut down a little more.  Now my closet is neat and it is easy to find what I want to wear.  I can also see the whole picture which makes mixing pieces easier.


Color Scheme

The key to a capsule seems to be a color scheme.  Again, I’m not a fashion expert, but I bought a shirt that could be worn alone, with a sweater, or with a scarf, or all 3 together.  Four looks for that shirt.  It can also be worn with jeans or a skirt.  I used navy blue, gray, avocado green and tan for my colors.  There are some burnt orange and yellow mixed in for variety.


Now my closet just needs a paint job, some clean-out on the top shelves, and maybe some art!  I love a good closet project.

Organization-The New Closet Organization Technique Everyone Should Try--The Organized Mom

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