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Valentines Day I Spy Printable Worksheet for Counting and Coloring Fun

Kids will love this Valentines Day I Spy printable! The instructions are easy; just find and color the seven different Valentine’s Day themed graphics.

Today is a snow day for us so we decided to get a little crafty today. While the kiddos are busy working on some of their crafts, I thought I would get a head start on some Valentine’s Day projects.

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Since the Fall I Spy and holiday activity pack (which included I Spy and various other activities) were so popular, I decided I couldn’t leave out Valentine’s Day!

This I Spy is a little different than the rest though. For this Valentine’s Day I Spy activity, kids can find and color the various images.

They can circle and count the images if they’d like too, instead of coloring.

How Can I Spy Help Children Learn?

  • Help children practice their counting skills.
  • Work on their fine motor skills.
  • It helps teach and enforce visual discrimination.

When the kids were younger, they loved playing the I-Spy game to help them calm down and take a break from whatever was getting them frustrated.

Valentines Day I Spy Printable Worksheet for Counting and Coloring Fun

Valentines Day I Spy Printable

The Valentine’s Day I Spy printable activity has 7 different Valentine’s Day themed images children can find and match together. Children can use their favorite colors to color the images!

If your child likes to doodle or draw, you can sneak some fine motor skill practice by having them trace or redraw the images in a notebook or a sketchbook.

Download the Valentine’s Day I Spy Printable Here

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Valentines Day I Spy Printable

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