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Ways To Fool Your Kids On April 1st

That magical once a year day is almost here. To be sure you’re prepared you’re going to need this list of ways to fool your kids on April 1st!

Top Kid Friendly Pranks For April Fools

Toothpaste In Their Oreo

What’s better than a delicious Oreo? Watching someone bite into an Oreo filled with minty toothpaste instead of delicious cream.

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Last year the kids prepared some of these Oreos for their unsuspecting grandpa. Bless his heart he ate the whole Oreo in one bite.

Then we waited…and then it happened. His face squished up and he knew something was wrong. April Fools!

A man holding up an Oreo between two fingers.
Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

It’s not recommend to eat/swallow toothpaste so be sure to have something ready so that once the prank is discovered the victim can quickly spit out the offending Oreo and rinse their mouth out.

Black Beans for Chocolate Chips

Who doesn’t love a warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie? Now take that delicious cookie and replace the chocolate chips with black beans!

Without a close inspection they will never know you swapped out the chocolate chips until that first bite. Those cookies just became a little healthier!

Jelly Beans in Their Burrito

This is another prank I pulled that the kids still talk about. It all started with a simple bean and cheese burrito.

The prank is that I slipped some black jelly beans into each burrito. They were mixed amongst the regular black beans so as to go undetected. I’m so sneaky.

It worked like a charm. They eagerly bit into their burritos and it wasn’t long before they discovered my April Fool’s joke.

Give Them a Fake Chore

Fool your kids by giving them a new REALLY hard job to do. It could be pulling up all the blades of grass with brown tips. Or washing all the windows inside and out in 20 min.

Be creative in the fake chore and watch their dismay in being asked to do it. Then when the time feels right…April Fools!

Change the Color of Things

This is an oldy but a goody. Break out the food coloring and start changing things.

The first place I start is the milk. If it’s St. Patrick’s day the milk is green but for April Fools any color goes.

Next, I go to the toilet and change the color of its water.

Several bottles of different flavored Gatorade.

Finally, take their clear bottled drink (like Gatorade) and poor the drink into a separate container. Add water back into the bottle and color it the color of the original drink.

Meatloaf Cupcake

For this prank your kids will think the April Fools joke is having dessert for dinner when they see a chocolate cupcake with frosting piled on top on their dinner plate.

Photo by Owen Bruce on Unsplash

The cupcake is actually meatloaf baked in a cupcake wrapper. The frosting is actually mashed potatoes piped on top of their meatloaf. Genius.

Use one of these ways to fool your kids on April 1st to make some fun memories and have a good laugh!

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