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How to Make Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Nuggets

One of my absolute favorite kitchen applainces is my air fryer.  I must confess, I actually have more than one air fryer, since I use them for so many things, often at the same time.

Today I want to make talk about how to make an all time favorite in the air fryer, frozen chicken nuggets.

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It’s sort of funny, becuase I didn’t even think about making chicken nuggets in the air fryer until I had it for a couple of years.

Once I did, I never went back to making chicken nuggets any other way.

Let’s talk about how to make the best frozen chiceken nuggets around in the air fryer.

frozen chicken nuggets to be made in air fryer

How to make air fryer frozen chicken nuggets

There are a couple steps when it comes to making frozen chicken nuggets in the air fryer.

If you are using pakcaged frozen chicken nuggets, first things first: read the ingredinets.  If there is some sort of oil in the ingredinets, you do not need to add more oil to your chicken nuggets to make them in the air fryer.

Many brands of frozen chicken nuggets will say something like “breading set in oil” in the ingreidnets.  You’re good to go if this is the case.

If you’re cooking frozen chicken nuggets you have made yourself, and have not added any oil, be sure to mist your them with your favorite cooking spray.

I like to make big batches of chicken nuggets and freeze them, like my favorite gluten free chick-fil-a style nuggets, or these sweet potato chicken nuggets.

Preaheat your air fryer to 400 degrees for five minutes.  I go back and forth on if preheating the air fryer matters or not, in general.  For frozen food, it definately makes a difference when it comes to browning and crispiness!

I think this is because the frozen chicken nuggets don’t have time to defrost as the air fryer heats up.

Cook your frozen chicken nuggets for 10 minutes and check the temperature.  Remember, chicken is cooked at 165 degrees farenheit.

You may have to add another minute or two based on the size of your chicken nuggets.

That’s all there is to it!  Cooking chicken nuggets in the air fryer is a quick and easy way to make them.

There are so many air fryers out there, it can be hard to pick one.  My best advice is to keep an eye on the capacity!  The bigger the size, the more food you can put in it!

This air fryer has a 5.8 quart capacity, and a square basket, which is great for cooking chicken nuggets and other breaded or battered items.

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Still have questions?  I know I did when I first started cooking with the air fryer, so I’m going to do my best to answer some of them.

homemade chicken nuggets in air fryer

Can you cook chicken nuggets and fries together in air fryer?

Yes, but be sure to start your fries first!  While frozen chicken nuggets take a little over 10 minutes, french fries can take longer.

Whether they are fresh or frozen, french fries usually take closer to 20 minutes in the air fryer.

chicken nuggets made in air fryer

Can I stack my chicken nuggets in the air fryer?

While you can stack your chicken nuggets in the air fryer, I don’t reccomned it.  When you stack items with breading in the air fryer, they tend to stick to eachother and damage the breading.

For the best results, put your chicken nuggets in the air fryer in a single layer.

Some air fyers have accessory racks to provide more layers of cooking, and so do some air fryer toaster ovens.

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How long do you cook frozen food in air fryer?

The cooking time for frozen foods varies in the air fryer, but in general you’ll just need to add a few more minutes when you are cooking somethig frozen.

For example, I cook fresh asparagus in the air fryer for 8 minutes, but I cook frozen asparagus in the air fryer for 10.

How do I freeze my homemade chicken nuggets?

I love batch cooking, and I love to make a ton of chicken nuggets at the same time and freeze them.  The trick is making sure they are extremely well breaded so they don’t stick together too much in the freezer.

If I know I am freezing a set of chicken nuggets, I bread them extra carefully, and I make sure to put them through the bread crumbs of flour a second time just to make sure.

Even if they do stick together a little bit when they are frozen, they will be easy to pry apart.

Another trick is to freeze them flat in a ziplock bag in a baking pan, so they have time to freeze without sticking to each other.

Once they are frozen, you can allow them to touch, and remove the air from the ziplock so they will stay nice and fresh.

How do I cook frozen chicken nuggets?

There are many ways to cook frozen chicken nuggets, but I like the air fryer the best.  It is quick, easy, and doesn’t heat up my whole kitchen like an oven will.

If you’re making a really big batch of chicken nuggets, it may be worth using the oven, since you will have the best results if you put the chicken nuggets in a single layer.

If you make a lot of chicken nuggets, you may want to consider an air fryer toaster oven instead of a regular basket size air fryer.  It has a bigger surface area than many baskets.

How long do I cook frozen chicken nuggets in an air fryer?

Generally, cook frozen chicken nuggets for 10 minutes, and check their temperature.  You want them to be at least 165 degrees farenehit.

Depending on the size of the chicken nuggets, you may need to cook them for a few more minutes.

What Brands Can I Use with These Directions?

These directions work with all brands of chicken nuggets!  Be sure to pay attention to the internal tempareture of the chicken nugget.

Start with 10 minutes of cooking time after preheating your air fryer.  If you are making large chicken tenders or chicken patties, you may want to start with 12 minutes.

I hope this helped you make the perfect air fryer chicken nuggets!

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