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Keto Mozzarella Sticks {Air Fryer Recipe}

Who doesn’t love a Keto Mozzarella Stick Air Fryer recipe?! Crispy, crunchy outside made of almond flour, spices, and pork rind crumbs, all covering bite sized chunks of creamy mozzarella cheese, these air fried mozzarella sticks are perfect for quick snacks, or an easy side dish for anybody following a ketogenic diet or a low-carb …

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Spaghetti Alfredo {Viral TikTok Recipe}

It doesn’t matter if you’re team alfredo or team spaghetti because, with this Spaghetti Alfredo, you get the best of both worlds! This viral TikTok recipe has been taking over kitchens like crazy. If you’re a pasta lover who loves both red sauce and the creamy alfredo sauce, you’re going to fall in love with …

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