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The Ultimate Glow Party Guide


Have you heard about the glow party rage?  Read on to find out more about these awesome and amazing glow in the dark parties.  These are fun for all ages, and why they look hard, they are super simple to throw!  We have everything you need in our Glow Party Guide right here!

What is a glow party?

A glow party is a party where everything glows! These parties are fun for all ages, and very popular righ tnow. They are often held at night, since the effect of black light at night is so effective. If you’re looking to have a glow party during the day, be sure to keep those windows covered! We’re going to take a look at everything you need to throw the best glow party ever.

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glow party ideas guide

What do you do at a glow party?

Anything you would do at a regular party, but glowing! Some like to have themes for their glow parties, while others have it like any other party. All the traditional party games hold true at a glow party, and you can add some special touches that will, of course, glow and turn into fun glow games!

10 Piece Glow in The Dark Tic Tac Toe Game Set

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This tic tac toe game is great thing to play, and so is this glowing version of jenga.

Black Light Tumble Tower -Glowing Blocks Tumble Tower Suitable for Day Or Night, 54 Blocks with Hilarious Drinking Commands and Games on 45 of Them, Games Stacking Games or Games for Adults Party

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What should I wear to a glow party?

If you are going to a glow in the dark party, then be sure to dress in bright colors that will really stand out against your black backdrop.

The best clothing for a glow party is anything florescent and loose-fitting so it will show off all of the fun designs!

Glowing makeup is also really popular at glow parties- it’s so much fun to create different looks with the help of fluorescent powder or paint!

They make make up in neon colors that is also a fun idea that looks great when you use a black light. If you just have some florescent paint, you can paint designs on your body or do your make up with it. There are a ton of unique ways to dress up for this kind of themed party. 

UV Face and Body Paint Sticks - Costume, Halloween and Club Makeup - Safe for all Skin Types - Easy On and Off - by Splashes & Spills (6 Pack)

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You could use light up glittery eye shadow, or make a whole face design like this one.

UV Face Paint Kit, Neon Fluorescent Body Painting 8 Bright Colors, Water Based Black Light Make-Up for Kids Adults, Professional Halloween Projects, Glow Parties, Costumes, Theater Special Festivals

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Try looking through your wardrobe and see if you have any clothing items that are already made to glow in the dark. Oftentimes, designers and clothing companies will make glow in the dark designs on clothes and they appear green in regular lights. 

The possibilities are really endless.

How do I set up my own glow party?

Setting up your own glow party can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! To get started you will need a few simple things:

  • A large area to have your party in,
  • your favorite black lights (we’re going to take a look at some options)
  • florescent decorations that will glow in the dark
  • glow sticks
  • glowing drinks
  • glowing food

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these items.  We have everything you need to know about the best glow in the dark party supplies around.

Where to have a glow party

Either have your glow party at night, or hold it in a dark room you can black out.  You can have a glow party anywhere, even your own house, or outdoors at night.

This is key to keep the light out so you can have the most glow effect from the black lights, decorations, food, glow sticks, and fun.

We usually suggest having your epic neon glow party at night as it makes it easier to have dark spaces, but if that is not possible, you can throw your party during the day, just be sure to get some good glow party supplies to cover windows and doors to black out any unnecessary lights. 

The Complete Black Light Guide for Glow Parties

The trick to the ultimate glow party is of course a black light. There are many different styles of black lights to choose from. Some black lights have the ability to be plugged in while others use batteries and need to be hand-held.

If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking of those long bulbs and tubes that you used to use as a teenager. The truth of the matter is that technology has come a long way, and now LEDs are the way to go. The best part of this is that they are tremendously cost effective.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

Set of 2 100 Watt Glow Party Lights

These lights are great, because they come in a two pack.  Because of the way they are designed, they can also cover a larger area.


100W Black Lighting with Plug(6ft Cable), IP65 Waterproof-for Party, Stage, Aquarium, Body Paint, Fluorescent Poster, Neon Glow, Glow in The Dark /2-Pack

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These are a great option for some main lighting effects, as you can see in this chart.

100W Black Lighting with Plug(6ft Cable), IP65 Waterproof-for Party, Stage, Aquarium, Body Paint, Fluorescent Poster, Neon Glow, Glow in The Dark /2-Pack

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Glow Party LED Bar

This is another great option, especially for your food and drinks table.  It really is unique since it is arraged in a LED bar type of display.

9 LED Black Light, Gohyo 27W LED UV Bar Glow in The Dark Party Supplies for Christmas Blacklight Party Birthday Wedding Stage Lighting, Material Metal Iron

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LED Glow Party Disco Balls – 2 Pack!

This LED black light is another really fun option.  These are amazing glow party disco balls that have remote control and strobe light functions.

[2 Pack] Litake UV Black Lights 6W LED Disco Ball Party Lights Strobe Light Disco Lights, Sound Activated with Remote Control Dj Lights Stage Light for Festival Bar Club Party Wedding Show Home

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Can I throw a glow party without black lights? 

Yes, you could throw a glow party without black lights but it wouldn’t highlight the theme, decorations or idea of the party as well as a party with black lights would.

If you want to create an impressive atmosphere and dazzling light display, using black lights is the best way to go.

Black lights give off an intense ultraviolet light which is ideal for creating a dramatic and eye-catching glowing display that will make your guests feel like they’ve stepped into an alternate universe.

In our opinion, you can’t throw a good glow party without black lights!

Glow in the dark party decoration ideas

The great thing about a glow party is that you can have as few or as many decorations as you would like, there are so many glow in the dark party decoration ideas out there, many of which are very cost effective.

You can get ready made glow party kits when it comes to decorations, that have everything you need.

43 Pieces Glow Party Supplies Neon Party Decoration Set Include Glow Party Themed Backdrop Let's Glow Banner Circle Dot Garland and 40 Pieces Colorful Glow Party Balloons for Birthday and Glow Party

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The trick is anything fluorescent and glow in the dark, because they will look amazing under the black lights.

Glow Party Balloons, 10 Inch UV Neon Fluorescent Blacklight Party Balloons, Assorted Colored Latex Balloons for Birthday Wedding Balloon Arch Black Light Party Supplies, 5 Colors (60)

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You can also head to the dollar store and get some regular party supplies, then splatter them with fluorescent paints. 

Neon Nights Glow In The Dark Paint Set for UV & Blacklight - Acrylic Neon Reflective Paint for DIY Craft - Set of 8 Bright Colors - 0.7 fl oz (20ml)

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Think about things like tablecloths, centerpiece decorations, the outside of cups, etc.  You can get really artsy with neon paints and fluorescent paints, and even allow guests to help decorate! 

Glow Magic Black Light Paint Set - Set of 8 - Fluorescent Wall Paints – Neon Glow Paints for Blacklights, UV Lights – Glowing Neon Color - 8 x 20 ml / 0.7 fl oz 

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This is a great way to turn it into a true DIY glow party experience, and to keep costs down.

You can often find glow in the dark posters at dollar stores or party stores that would be perfect for this type of party.

Where do I buy party supplies for my neon glow in the dark party? 

There are plenty of local party stores that may have decorations and supplies for your party that you can check out. Many Dollar Stores or similar cheaper stores may have different things you can pick up and turn into supplies with some glow in the dark paint. That’s an easy way to save some money in your party budget.

In this ultimate guide, we also shared some different supplies you can get online like the LED lights, and of course, you can search online for any other decoration and supplies you may want to pick up to go with your glow party theme. 

Glow Sticks for Glow Parties!

Of course, you have to have glow sticks for glow parties!

Besides anything fluorescent, light sticks and other light accessories are an absolute must! They are a fun way to really get creative with things and have a good time.

You would be surprised what you can find at your local dollar store, my advice would to be to head their first to raid their stash of glow sticks and glow jewelry.

Believe it or not, the internet can be almost as cost effective if you can’t make it to the dollar store.

100 Glow Sticks Bulk Party Supplies - Glow in The Dark Fun Party Pack with 8

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Here is another fun set of a ton of different glowing light up accessories!

BUDI 200 Glow Sticks 467Pcs Glow Party Favors for Kids/Adults: 200 Glowsticks Party Packs 7 colors & Connectors for Glow Necklace, Flower Balls, Luminous Glasses and Triple/Butterfly Bracelets

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Drinks That Glow with Tonic Water

Believe it or not, tonic water glows with a black light! You can make many fun punches, mocktails, and even adult beverages with tonic water for your black light party.

You can easily adapt your favorite beverage recipes with tonic water. For punches that use things like water or sprite, simply use tonic water instead! Tonic water is also a great mixer for many adult beverages.

Don’t forget the glowing straws!

Astro Glow - Glow In The Dark Drinking Straws - 25 Pack - 9 Bright Assorted Colors - Glows up to 8 hours - Guaranteed Satisfaction - Perfect Glow Straws For Any Party

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The Best Glow Party Food and Recipes

Of course, the best part of a party is always food! Glowing food is a must when it comes to your glow party. We have so many great ideas for glowing desserts it isn’t even funny!

These DIY glow party recipes are super simple, and of course super delicious.  They make for a great way to light up your night, and you can use the recipes and treats you know and love.

The trick to creating the best glow party desserts is two fold.

First is black frosting or candy. You can pick your favorite frosting, and add black food coloring to it. Likewise, you can also glow chocolate or candy coated items.

So let’s start with your frosted items like cakes and cupcakes.  The essential is black food coloring, which you can find here.

Chefmaster Liqua-Gel Food Color, 10.5-Ounce, Black

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If you’re coating food items like pretzels and strawberries and donuts in chocolate, used the deepest darkest chocolate you can find, or chocolate melts like these:

Wilton Black Candy Melts, 10-Ounce

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The next thing you will need is your glow coloring for decorating.  There are many ways you can do this, like mix it into white frosting.

Hands down the best product to use Rolkem Lumo powder which you can find on Etsy.

You can mix the powder directly into frosting, or do what we like to do, which is make this amazing splatter effect.

cupcakes for glow party splattered neon

Simply mix your Rolkem Lumo powder with a tiny bit of lemon extract, until you have loose consistency like glue.

Grab your favorite paint brush and load it up, flicking it to splatter your treats.  You can also hold it over your treats and shake, or bang it against your hand.

how to decorate cupcakes for glow party

You can decorate your chocolate cover treats the exact same way!

The Ultimate Glow Party How To Guide

We’ve covered absolutely everything you need to have the best glow party ever in this ultimate guide!  Be sure to save this page for later and share it with your glow party friends and let us know what your favorite glow party ideas are!

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