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The Best Way to Clean Your Tub

With so many parts of the house that get constant use, it is so important to stay up on cleaning. One of the most used places in the home is a bath tub. There are many different ways to clean a tub, but here is a tried and true easy one.

For the purposes of this article I will be be talking about cleaning a traditional enamel bathtub. If you have a metal, porcelain or stone tub you may want to do a little research before proceeding with these steps.  

Steps To Clean a Tub

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A few simple steps to clean your bath tub and keep it cleaner, longer.

Empty Everything Out

The very first thing you should do before starting to clean the tub should be to empty the contents of the tub. To truly get the all the nooks and crannies in shipshape you have to take everything out. While you do this, use this time to discard empty shampoo bottles or soap that may need to be tossed.

Gather Products


Photo by Britt LeBoeuf

For an easy and relatively harmless way to clean your tub use baking soda, dish soap and your favorite essential oil scent. Citrus essential oil scents work particularly well because citrus helps break down soap scum. You will want to mix the baking soda and dish soap in equal amounts in a glass or plastic bowl. You can then add as many drops of essential oil as you like, but about 5-10 will do.

Be sure to put on a pair of rubber gloves before beginning. Also, place a folded towel on the floor outside of the tub so that while you kneel during the cleaning your aren’t tearing up your knees. You will also need a good sponge, with a soft and an abrasive side. 

Cleaning the Tub

Take your dish soap and baking soda mixture, dip the moistened sponge into the concoction. With the product on the sponge start at the top of the tub and work your way down. As you move the sponge, move in a circular or S-like pattern so you give all surfaces a good cleaning. Once you have the entire surface of the tub covered, let the product sit for 10 minutes

Repeat and Rinse

After the 10 minutes have passed, come back to the tub and give it another pass through like you did before. After you have scrubbed the surface of the tub a second time, use removable shower head or a cup filled with water to rinse the tub. 

Be sure to go over each area of the tub twice when you rinse. If you think there was a spot that might still have some soap scum, simply take your glove off and run your fingers over it. If you can feel “stuff” still on the walls of the tub, then do an additional pass with the mixture and sponge until it is gone. 

Wipe It All Down

Once everything is rinsed thoroughly with water, take a dry microfiber cloth and dry the entire tub down. This will help prevent any product buildup and keep the tub cleaner long. In fact, try and dry the inside of the tub down after each use to go even longer between cleanings. 

Other Areas


Photo by Britt LeBoeuf

For items, such as drain fixtures and spout, dip a cloth rag into a bowl of white vinegar. Next, wrap the fixtures in the wet cloth, making sure to cover the entire fixture. Come back in 30 minutes and simply remove the cloth and then dry it with a clean, dry one. 

Vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent in itself, but is particularly great for tough/built on stains and soap scum. 



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