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How To Dye Eggs with Coffee Filters and Markers

How to dye eggs with coffee filters and markers. It is actually an easy process that the kids can do for Easter or as a fun homeschool project.

We love coloring eggs and this year I think we are going to dye Easter eggs with markers and coffee filters. Not only will this be a fun Easter project, but it also makes a great hands-on science experiment.

How To Dye Eggs with Coffee Filters and Markers
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If you are working on these eggs for Easter, this would be a great project to do with a spring I Spy, Easter word search, Easter math pages, Easter bingo, or these bunny crafts.

With any fun project we do, we always enjoy having some snacks to go with it. I think when we dye the eggs with markers using a coffee filter, we will also enjoy some no bake Easter desserts like these cute peanut butter nests or some white chocolate dipped pretzels.

Let’s get started with dying eggs with markers and coffee filters!

Supplies needed:

  • Round coffee filters
  • Water-based markers
  • Rubber bands
  • 1 teaspoon vinegar plus ½ cup water
  • Paintbrush
  • Hard boiled eggs

How to Dye the Eggs:

Have the kids use markers to create designs on the coffee filters with their favorite colors. They can draw shapes, scribbles, names, or anything else they think of.

Wrap the coffee filters around the eggs and secure them with a rubber band.

Dip the paintbrush in the water and vinegar mixture, then paint the liquid on the coffee filters. This will transfer the design to the eggs.

Allow the coffee filters to dry completely, then remove the filters to reveal the dyed eggs.

Pretty cool! This will be such a fun project for all of the kids, even the younger ones!

The eggs will come out nice and colorful with their favorite colors and the designs they made.


How To Dye Eggs with Coffee Filters and Markers
How To Dye Eggs with Coffee Filters and Markers



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