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Ways to Organize Children’s Books

Reading to kids is a fun and educational activity that all parents can do with their family. So many memories get made by reading together before bed. Plus, learning to read is fun and easy when in the comfort of home. With all of this said, children’s books take up a lot of space. They are often large, all different shapes and never seem to make their way back to the shelves they are supposed to be on. Let’s take a look some ways to organize children’s books that are unique.

Easy Ways to Sort and Store Children’s Books

Ideas to keep your kid’s books organized.

Bins and Boxes

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There are so many different types of storage items that can be used to organize children’s books. The best option by far are bins and boxes. They are compact, come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be incorporated into any room decor.

Old milk crates are the perfect size for most children’s books. They are easy to carry and can be stacked! Regular plastic milk crates can be purchased for only around $10 a piece. The same can be said for wooden boxes with handles. Consider buying different color cartons or painting them so that you may sort the books according to age, genre or each child’s favorites.

Shallow storage bins are another great way to organize the books and be able to tuck them away underneath the bed. 

Rotate Books Out

Maybe you have a great books shelf but it just can’t hold all of your books? Well, this is when you should not get rid of anything, rather rotate books out. Keep favorite on the shelf at all times, but swap others out either with the seasons or as children age age out of them.

Another good idea is to keep one of the shelves on the bookshelf free for library books only. This will keep the inventory fresh and unique. 

Books that are out of rotation can be kept in totes in the attic, bedroom closet or in the garage. Lending books to friends as part of a local exchange program is another neat way to keep the amount of books you have in your home low.

Get Unique with Shelving

bookshelf Ways to Organize Children's Books

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Book shelves will always be the best option for storing books. However, there are a variety of ways that you can mix up basic book shelving. 

Mountable book shelves are a great way to clear up some space and utilize wall area. Just make sure you put them in a spot where the kiddos can still reach them of course! Table  or dresser top shelves are an additional great use of space. 

Some other ideas include mounting the previously mentioned milk or wooden cartons to the wall. Just make sure to use enough screws and to mount it to a stud in the wall so that it doesn’t fall off the wall. 

Moveable Storage

Putting books on a movable storage unit will make for easier access to them. One great idea is using a utility cart to keep your children’s books organized. This works particularly valuable because many utility carts have 2-3 shelves on them. 

There are also a lot fun options! One example is a children’s wagon! Many kinds of children’s wagons can be purchased on Amazon, but if you are simply storing books it might be a good idea to go out and find a used one. Online or in person yard sales are a great place to find one! If you already have a well-loved wagon, give it a second life as a moveable bookshelf!

Consider Going Digital

girl-reading Ways to Organize Children's Books

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One way to organize your children’s books easily and permanently is by going totally digital. You can do this by purchasing a tablet just for your kid’s book. Amazon makes a very kid-friendly children’s tablet that allows parents to be in full control over what their child can see.

The truth is our world continues to switch over everything to a digital format. While there is nothing quite like holding a picture book in your hands, turning the pages and readings together in bed, many digital formats give a very similar feel. Going digital is not only cost effect, but it is better for the environment. 

If totally going digital seems like a jump you just aren’t ready for, then just keep most of your old favorites in paperback form. These can be hung onto for future generations that come along and print media becomes less and less.

Neat and Tidy

Part of organizing things is to declutter. This same rule applies to children’s books. A traditional binge and purse is not only effective in keeping storage options from being overrun, but it’s even essential. Hanging onto books that are no longer age appropriate can limit a child’s reading progress. Ask you kid’s teacher if certain titles are on par with what they are learning to read at school. 

Create an organizational system for remaining books to streamline the ease of pickup. Consider sorting books by a rainbow colored system, by themes or in order from tallest book to shortest book. Make sure the the spine of each book is showing so that everyone can see the title.

Many books have a habit of getting buried and forgotten about when stacked in a big pile. Another great idea is to place recently read books at the bottom of a stacked pile. This way you will be sure to pick from the top and not read the same book again and again.

Any books that are no longer useful can be given to your child’s school, your local library or locate a book donation site near you. Keep in mind that sometimes books are beyond saving, but that doesn’t mean you can’t repurpose them! Use worn out picture books for craft projects, hangable art work or simply recycle them. Remember that if a book is worn enough to be thrown away that it has had a good long life and brought many children happiness.

Ways to Organize Children's Books


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