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4th of July Party Games to Play

Add some fun to your BBQ with these 4th of July party games! From classic favorites to patriotic games everyone will love, we’ve got the party covered.

Fourth of July is right around the corner and it’s a wonderful time to celebrate by having a party. A great way to make a party fun and entertaining is to provide different Fourth of July games at an adult 4th of July party or one with the kids!

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You can print out these fun 4th of July activities to play at tables during the party or to pass out to kids, or grab some of our favorite free printable games for the 4th of July from below:

two free 4th of july bingo cards side by side with patriotic images

4th of July Party Games

Fourth of July games will make your party a memorable one. There is different Fourth of July party ideas that I have come up with that would spice up your party.

Who Has The Most Stars?

When the guests arrive to your party give them a star sticker to place on their shirt. Let them know that they can’t say any word that starts with the letter J such as July. When a guest hears someone say a word that starts with the letter J they will say gotcha and collect all the stars from that person. Whoever has the most stars at the end of the party wins a Fourth of July prize such as a red, white and blue candle.

Jelly Beans In The Jar

Get a jar and fill it up with red, white and blue jellybeans. Have your guests guess how many jellybeans are in the jar. The person who comes closest to the number of jellybeans wins a prize. When there is a tie between your guests break the tie by having them guess a number between one and one hundred. The person who will come closest to the number wins.

Fourth Of July Musical Chairs

Using chairs make a circle. You should have one less chair than the number of guests you have. Play the song “Star Spangled Banner”. Have everyone walk around the chairs as the music is playing. When the music stops everyone has to find a chair to sit in. The person who doesn’t sit in a chair is out of the game. You do this till the last person sitting in the chair wins.

kids playing star spangled musical chairs on blue striped background

These summer backyard games are also great options to get moving at a Fourth of July party!

Unscramble The Fourth Of July Words

Have different Fourth of July words scrambled. Some examples are independence, freedom, July, declaration and America. Give everyone two minutes to scramble the words. The person who unscrambled the most words wins a prize.

Have A Fourth Of July Quiz

You can create a Fourth of July quiz or find one online. One website you can find a Fourth of July quiz is Family First. Give everyone a chance to complete the quiz. The person who will get the most answers right wins a prize.

Fourth Of July String Game

Buy red, white and blue yarn from the craft store. Cut different length of each colored yarn.

Hide the yarns in different areas at the location of your party. Have everyone grouped in two’s. Then have everyone find the strings and within their group tie the yarns together.

The group with the longest string at the end of five minutes wins a prize. This is one of my favorite games and everyone has a blast playing it.

These are some Fourth of July game ideas that your guests will rave about. Your Fourth of July party will be an eventful and fun one for everyone when there are party games.

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