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What To Do With Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Here we are just a few days past Christmas. You have likely recovered from the chaos of the family get-togethers, cleaned up all the wrapping paper and eaten all the cookies. But, even if your house is back to somewhat normalcy maybe you are left with new stuff that you don’t really want?

So as much as you love your great aunt Mildred, that shirt she bought you is two sizes too big or the perfume your sister bought you is just not for you…

What to do with unwanted Christmas gifts

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Don’t sweat it! Here are some ideas of what to do with those unwanted Christmas gifts:

Attempt To Return Them

unwanted Christmas gifts

If the item still has a tag on it, even without the price on it then try to bring it back to the store! A lot of the time when you have an item with the tag still on it, the store is less likely to give you are hard time about returning it or possibly just exchanging it for another item or store credit. 

After the holidays, many stores are a little more lenient on returns because they know that many of the incoming returns are Christmas gifts that are in need of exchanging or store credit. Don’t go into the store expecting a full cash refund! It’s not impossible but most stores won’t give you cash without a receipt.

If you think you won’t offend the person that gave you the gift, try nicely asking them for the receipt or maybe they can switch it out for you or bring you along to the store to do it with them? Sometimes gift givers would rather see you get something you actually will use, rather than something they thought you would want but really don’t! Use your best judgment here.

Donate Them To Charity

unwanted Christmas gifts

Perhaps the best thing you can do with any unwanted presents would be to donate them to a charitable organization. They can either give them to the less fortunate or use them to sell for money towards their cause.

Some such organizations include the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, the Good Will, hospitals or a local church. Also, check with your local department of social services to see if they accept presents for families in their caseload.  They may know of other charities that you can donate them to.

Keep Them To Regift

unwanted Christmas gifts

I know, I know this is kind of a shady thing to do! However, this is not only a money saving option but it might be a good way to get the present to someone that will appreciate it way more than you could have?

So, if your brother gives you a gift card to his favorite Mexican restaurant, but you just don’t care for that kind of food…why not give it to your best friend for her birthday who would actually use it?

You’ll have to keep in mind that things like vouchers for experiences and gift cards can expire. So, if you decide to regift them make sure you check on that first!

Another positive to this option for unwanted presents is you can acquire quite the stockpile of last-minute gifts.  The next time you are running late to your office White Elephant party, grab a gift from your pile!

What to Do With Unwanted Christmas Gifts

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