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Why You Should Make Your Bed Every Morning

When you are a mom, life is busy! And when you’re busy, who has time to make the bed? So why should busy moms take extra time out of their morning routine to make the bed? Here’s our reasons why you should make your bed:

Starts Your Day With Order

why you should make your bed

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Making the bed in the morning sets a tone or order and organization. Being a busy mom might mean that a lot of the day is rushed, disordered, and disorganized just based on the nature of what you are doing. The list of things that you need to do can absolutely feel overwhelming and it can be hard to know where to start. If you start your day by making the bed you have completed one small thing. Doing one small thing at a time helps to get rid of that overwhelmed feeling. If you can tackle one small task like making the bed, you can tackle lots of small tasks which add up to getting a whole lot of your to-do list knocked out!

It’s Quick

why does it help to make your bed

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Making the bed doesn’t really take long at all! Unless you have people coming to photograph your bedroom, you don’t need to make it look pristine! Just pull up the covers and smooth the pillows. You don’t even need throw pillows. So take a minute or two and enjoy how nice your bedroom looks when the bed is made. Even if you want to make it look home-magazine-ready by taking extra time with all the details and throw pillows, it still doesn’t take that long/

You’ve Accomplished At Least One Thing

Moms are busy! It’s a common theme in this post because it’s true. A lot of what you do in your day gets “undone” by your kids! Plus, there are lots of tasks that don’t get completed at all because of interruptions. But when you make the bed, you’ve accomplished one thing. Although it may seem like a small thing, it truly feels good to get something totally finished. And, as long as your kids don’t have access to your room they can’t undo that accomplishment!

It’s A Great Way to End the Day

a made bed at the end of the day

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Did you ever walk into your bedroom when the day is done only to be greeted with a bed pilled full of laundry that needs folding, or just a messy, unmade pile of sheets and blankets? It’s not such a great feeling. Ending the day by walking into your bedroom with a neatly made bed is such a great feeling. It’s totally worth the few minutes you’ll have taken in the morning. So climb in and enjoy your rest! You deserve it.

So start tomorrow and take a few minutes to make the bed! You’ll be glad you did!

Why You Should Make Your Bed Every Morning


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