September 24 2012
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Organized Medicine Cabinet

So here’s the dealio:

I have this cute little skinny cabinet in my kitchen just above my sink. Even thought it’s adorable and all, it makes me crah-ha-razy because I cannot fit anything kitchen related inside of it.

No worries- I discovered it was a great little place to stash all the family medications. Problem is, it’s messy and unorganized.

A recent trip to Ikea revealed these cute little boxes that just so happen to be the perfect fit.

I wanted to personalize them a bit so I covered the front in yellow chevron patterned wrapping paper.

Next I used my old school labeler to describe each box.

To organize our stash of meds I divided everything into three categories: cold medicine, stomach & allergy, and Ibuprofen & Tylenol.

It’s now so much easier to find what I am looking for, and I love the surprise pop of color every time I open the cupboard!

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    1. Damian 05:07pm 10 October - 2012 - Reply

      Good idea to store your meds in small baskets. And labeled makes it even better.

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