August 25 2014
Time Management

Overcoming Procrastination


There are many reasons why we procrastinate, and eliminating those reasons will help us to stop procrastinating and start DOING.  For example.  I get a TON of emails daily.  I’m not kidding.  A TON.  One of the tasks I hate to do more than anything is going through my emails.  So I put it off, and then it gets overwhelming and I REALLY don’t want to get it done.  It’s a vicious cycle.  If I would just go through my messages once a day at the end of the day, it wouldn’t become this huge undertaking every time I try to do it, and yet, here I sit with hundreds of messages in my inbox… again.

Understanding exactly why we are procrastinating is key to overcoming procrastination in our lives.  Each day this week we will focus on one thing that is causing you to procrastinate, and give you the tools you need to power through that task and get it off your to do list… FINALLY!  5 Days… 5 ways to stop procrastinating now!

We’ll start out with the reason I procrastinate my email task…

You don’t like the task

When you don’t like a task it can be next to impossible to want to get started.  You dread it, and therefore you keep putting it off for another day.  It is definitely hard to WANT to do a task that you hate doing, so there are a few ways you can get it done.


First, you can delegate the task.  I have learned the wonderful joys of child labor recently.  My kids have always had “chores” but they have been more of “I need to give you a job to do so you learn how to work” type of jobs.  They weren’t tasks that I actually needed to get done.  Now they are old enough where I can give them their pile of clothes from the laundry and they can fold and put them away in their own closets, or my daughter can unload the dishwasher, and sweep the floor, and so on.  Delegating the tasks I hate the most from the housework has really helped immensely!  You can also PAY your kids to do tasks you don’t want to do.  Have a tedious task that will help you in your job, even if you work for yourself?  Pay your kids to be your “employee” and they can get the job done.  My sister used to pay her children to pack up the plates she sells for shipping (now she has an ACTUAL employee that handles that) because she hated that part of her business.

Swap It

You hate making dinner every night, and your friend or neighbor can’t stand to clean her bathrooms.  Come up with a trade!  She makes freezer meals for you to use during the week, and you come and clean her bathrooms once a week.  I’ve even seen neighbors where each person in the group makes 4 dinners on their assigned night.  They deliver them to the other 3 members of the group, and then they GET dinners from the other members 3 days a week.  It greatly reduces the days you have to spend in the kitchen cooking, you just have to pretend you are feeding an army on your day to cook.

Reward Yourself

I’m not above bribery, even if it’s to myself.  Just as it’s important to follow through on rewards for your children, it’s equally important to follow through on your own rewards.  If you don’t follow through, then you won’t be motivated to do the task next time you plan on rewarding yourself, because you know that you really won’t get your own reward.  Even if the reward is 15 minutes on Pinterest, or two Oreos, follow through right away!  Often I even hold the reward ransom, such as … I’m not ALLOWED to get on Pinterest UNTIL I do this task.  That definitely helps me to get it done quicker so I can get to my reward!

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