Changing Your Mind About Rules & Routines

RoutineWe continue our week of changing your mind with today’s Time Management Tuesday!  Many people may think of rules and routines as restrictions to your day or things that don’t allow you to have any freedom.  I’m here to say that having structure to your day will grant you MORE freedom to do the things that are really important to you!  Let me explain a little bit…

What do you think would happen if there were no rules on the road while you were driving?  How many accidents do you think you would see?  Without the rules and restrictions of the road we would all do whatever we felt like doing and there would be many conflicts collisions of interest!  Rules of the road give us the freedom to drive our cars and have fewer accidents to worry about. 

Another example… I have a rule that says I don’t drink alcohol.  I am happy to say I’ve never had a sip of alcohol in my life (with the exception of NyQuil, which I’ve already mentioned I LOVE when I’m sick).  Everyone has freedom to drink alcohol, but do you think the person who is addicted to alcohol is really free?  They are bound to their addiction, and do not have freedom in their life any more.  Sometimes they could even make really stupid decisions, such as drive while intoxicated and go to jail, which will allow them even LESS freedoms!

Again, I’m here to say that rules and routines in YOUR life will give you order to your day.  You will be much more calm because you know what to expect, and are PREPARED for it!  Also, it will give you the time during the day to accomplish everything that you wanted to accomplish that day.  You won’t end up sitting behind your computer or your TV all day being “free” to do whatever you want, which is really just such a waste of time instead of freedom. 

I’ve heard time and time again that people can’t stand having that much structure to their day.  I say don’t knock it ’till you tried it!  Set a routine for yourself today, and see how much extra time you DO have during your day!  Don’t think of it as a restriction, think of it as allowing yourself the freedom to accomplish everything that is important to you!

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