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Easy And Inexpensive Dates You’ll Remember

Our top picks for inexpensive dates!


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My husband and I have this terrible habit of turning to the same old, tired activities when date night rolls around. It’s so hard to be creative sometimes – especially when we’re exhausted and/or broke! And those are the nights we battle the urge to stay home, watch TV, and order a pizza.

I know you feel me on that one.

Here are some things we’ve added to our arsenal to fight back and make some memories together:

  1. Pop some corn and read the Missed Connection section on Craigslist (under Personals). Turn it into a drinking game, and you’re golden! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll question your faith in humanity.  img_1925_thumb1
  2. Play Walmart Bingo. Print your cards online or make your own, if you have time! (It’s important you resist the urge to grocery shop while you’re there. You know who you are.)
  3. Write notes to strangers together, then hide them in books at a used bookstore. It’s not all that devious, but you’ll feel like it is. When you’re finished, pick out books for each other to take home and read.  becca-walmart-bingo-pic1
  4. Go watch stand-up comedy at a local bar. If you can’t find any, Netflix has a handful of hysterical stand-up routines you could marathon. For a more adult take on the at-home version, lose a piece of clothing every time the comedian laughs at their own joke.    best-netflix-stand-comedy-specials-shows
  5. Turn on some music and make a meal together – something interesting, like tamales or sushi or mini taco bowls. Take your sweet time, dance in the kitchen, eat by candlelight. This one’s great for an extra romantic, low-key evening.   Finished taco bowls
  6. Have a picnic at a local park, then follow it up with a water gun or balloon fight. If it’s late, wear glow stick necklaces, so you can spot each other. This is the cheap, less-crowded version of laser tag or paintball. You’ll have a blast!

Couple walking away from each other to start a water gun duel

easy-and-inexpensive-date-ideas-youll-remember popular-easy-and-expensive-date-ideas-youll-remember

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