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guests will be here any minute! The holidays are approaching and FAST! Wasn’t it just Halloween last week or something? Whatever it is, it’s almost here! Family and friends will start pouring in any minute (provided you live in a place people would actually want to visit, or you are just so nice people don’t care how much snow is on the ground). My Grandma who lives in Southern California has gotten having guests over down to a science. Those of us who don’t live at the beach, and don’t have 4 spare rooms, have to sometimes make do with just one. Typically we even have to multitask that room.

For us, our “guest bedroom” is our office. I work full time from home, so I am in our home office quite a bit. There are computers and desks and phones, hardly an adequate space for guests! There are a couple of ways I can make it more of a piece of home though.

First item of business is to get rid of that old air mattress that never seems to stay inflated all night long. Your guest starts out nicely perched on the mattress and by the end of the night they are sleeping on the floor. Time for an upgrade, but you don’t want to take up your whole office with a bed, so the perfect solution is a day bed! These days there are more options in day beds than there was way back when. I absolutely LOVE this one I found on What I like about this daybed is that with pillows along the back it can easily be a nice couch or place to relax and read. The bed that is underneath is well concealed and offers some perfect space for multiple guests.

Now that you have the “couch” in your office or other type of multi-functional room, like a play room, it’s time to make the rest of the room, not look so much like an “office”. The key here hiding the “function” of the room. Something like this cute desk, or this one, can hide the fact that there is a computer lurking inside.

Storage will also be key in a room like this. You don’t want papers all over your desk with bills and what not for your guest to see! Clean it up and lock it away in a safe or a locking file cabinet. If the room usually has toys, get a shelving unit and use fabric drawers to make the toys “out of sight, out of mind”

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