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  1. Daniel Davies
    September 18, 2014

    I have most of these things in my car, and I am amazed that I am not the only one that thinks these stuff are must-carry. The last two years it could easily be said I spend more time in my car than anywhere else. To save time I even eat in my car, sometimes while driving (*wasn’t me*).

    I must only work on the Small Supply Kit. There are things I don’t have, and some that seem more appropriate for women’s cars, but nevertheless essential.

    Useful post!


  2. Bonnie Dewkett
    December 20, 2014

    I love this list. It’s a must for anyone who commutes or spends lots of time racing around from event to event. My husband is a photographer and spends lots of time driving to photo gigs and we keep him well stocked for comfort and safety. In the winter months, I try to stock things that don’t freeze, like granola or pretzels. I also make sure to add in hand warmers, gloves, and a hat. Oh and a blanket 🙂


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