Taming My Sweet Tooth

sweetsI have the worst sweet tooth!  Especially if I’ve decided that I’m going to start eating healthy.  As soon as I make that decision I HAVE TO HAVE sweets!  So I’ve really been trying to cut back on the sweets again (Trevor always gets mad at me when I come back from the grocery store with all kinds of cookies, candy and ice cream).  So I’m offering some advice, but am really trying to GET advice this time. 

100 Calorie Packs – I was REALLY skeptical about these to begin with.  First, because I really do hate diet foods like low fat stuff.  I just don’t think it tastes as good.  So my sister had some of these and I tried the Oreo Crisps… LOVED them!  They aren’t Oreo’s, but they satisfy my Oreo craving.  Also they really are tastey.  But beware of the chips ahoy 100 calorie pack… not so good.  The other ones I’ve tried are the cheese-it ones and the Alpha bits, both very tastey… how healthy is it to eat 5 100 calorie packs a day?  I kid, but really they are good and are just sweet enough to help me out.

Housework – whenever I get a craving for something sweet I try to distract myself by doing something around the house.  Clean out a cupboard, wash the walls, whatever.  Anything to keep my mind off of the pantry.

So those are my main tips to keep me away from the sweets.  Cause heaven knows that I do not have the willpower to just tell myself NO I don’t need that right now.  Please help me with some more tips!  And no telling me to eat fruit, cause it’s sweet…. I hate fruit.  🙂

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  • Okay, here are two ideas (because heaven knows I have a huge sweet tooth too!)

    First Idea: Don’t buy sweets in the first place. If you can resist the urge in the grocery store, you don’t have to resist the urge at home because you don’t have them to eat! That way, if I want something sweet, I have to make it from scratch. So, eating sweets becomes a more conscious decision instead of an impulse.

    Second Idea: Put them somewhere out of sight. The concept, “Out of sight, out of mind,” is a big one for me. It isn’t fool proof, but it helps!

  • Is it sweets or is it just chocolate?

    I have BOTH *sigh*. I can tame my sweet tooth with some Jolly Time 94% fat free popcorn while eating an apple OR a Jolly Rancher (you get the salt & sweet at the same time = perfect combination). Both work to cure a sweet tooth AND fill you up so you are not hungry.

    As far as chocolate, I just kinda had to go cold turkey on that one. I eat Fiber One (it’s really good) and that helps with chocolate – I know sounds weird.

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