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Again, on Wednesday’s I will refrain from saying anything financial in the title of my post.  It really worked last week, and the spambots left me alone!  Today I want to talk about organizing your financial notebook.  As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to start getting all that paperwork together for taxes!  Personally, I can’t wait to do my taxes every year.  I know, I’m crazy!  Back when we first got married we owed a couple years in a row… so we changed  our deductions to zero for our paychecks, and haven’t looked back ever since.  Now instead of being nervous if we will owe or not, we look forward to a nice big fat check from the government. I’m always meticulously trying to find out where my tax refund is. So clearly I just can’t wait to start doing them!  Another reason I get excited is because I have all the paperwork in a very easy to locate binder.  This makes going through the deductions even more simple!  While it may be too late for you this year to keep on top of the binder, you can get everything together so that you won’t have to scramble for it in April (or if you are like me in January/February!)

So how is my binder set up?  Funny you should ask…

First get about a 1-1 1/2 inch binder.  Grab some dividers, and then some plastic sleeves (like sheet protectors).

Label your divders into sections relevant to you… IRA Statements, Stock Statements, Business Expenses, Charitable Donations, Tax Statements (like 1099’s, w-2’s) etc..

Then start sorting!  The plastic sleeves make a perfect spot to throw receipts into.  Just please don’t tip the notebook upside down!

I make a notebook for each year, and if I ever get audited, there is all the information, completely organized!  So go buy your notebook making equipment, and start yours today.

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  • Hello,

    I found you from HomeEc 101. I do taxes and let me tell you— you are a tax preparers dream!!! Your filing idea is great. I don’t file mine this way, but may start soon.



  • Wow, now that is organized. I just put all my tax stuff for that year in file folder in my filing cabinet.

    You way seems better but do you have a shelve that you store all these binders? That would be my problem (finding a place to store the binders).

    I can only image how your house must look (being that you seem to have your act together in every area of your life). 🙂


  • ~Amy, you are very kind. Feel free to stop by anytime! Actually the morning show that I was on may do a segment at my house, so you may just get to see it sometime! And yes, I have lots of shelves. 🙂

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