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10 Things You Can Make with a Keurig Other than Coffee

There is no question that the convenience and variety you get from the Keurig single-serve K-cup coffee maker is what makes them so popular. Like a lot of people, I have a Keurig sitting on my countertop. But as a general rule, single-use appliances are frustrating in the cost and the amount of counter space you give up for something you can only use for one purpose.

That’s why I was intrigued and excited to discover that my Keurig can be used for more than just coffee. Some of these ideas are real time savers. Others are just for fun. Whatever the case, they are worth checking out! Take a look at these things you can make with a Keurig other than coffee!

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things you can make with a keurig


More Than Just a Coffee Maker!


1. Oatmeal

One of the best things about a Keurig is how quickly it can brew you that first cup of coffee in the morning. Now you can have your breakfast just as quickly. Making oatmeal with your Keurig is one of the easiest ways to get a hot breakfast on the table.

Simply empty a packet of instant oatmeal, whether store-bought or homemade, into a bowl then place it under the Keurig. Use the setting for the smallest cup of coffee and hit the brew button. The water is so hot, it will cook your oatmeal within a couple of minutes. Breakfast has never been so easy.

2. Baby Cereal

Keurig can do more for tired parents of young children than just brew a strong cup of coffee. If you think of your Keurig as a hot water dispenser you can easily find multiple uses for it, Including dispensing hot water to mix with your infant or toddler’s rice cereal.

After mixing to the desired texture, add milk or allow it to sit until it’s cool enough to eat. You can also use the hot water from your Keurig as a quick bottle warmer if you dispense it into a cup and set the bottle in it.


3. Instant Noodles

It turns out your Keurig can make more than just breakfast in an instant. If you’re planning on some instant noodles for lunch or a snack, the large cup setting on your Keurig dispenses exactly the right amount of water to fill your Cup-O-Noodles to the fill line.

Once the hot water is in, allow the noodles to sit for a few minutes, then enjoy! You can also make Ramen noodles with your Keurig in less time than it takes on the stove or microwave. Check out this post to learn how!

4. Cold Drinks

For creating cold drinks with your Keurig, brew them over ice! There is a wide range of K-cups available for lemonade or a variety of iced tea flavors. You can also brew coffee K-cups over ice to create your own delicious iced coffees.

hot chocolate

5. Hot Chocolate

Skip the powder mix and heating water or milk on the stove. Use your Keurig and a K-cup with your favorite hot chocolate to heat up something warm and sweet in minutes. Drop in a few marshmallows and you have the perfect hot drink on a cold day.

6. Rice

Instant rice, like other “just add water” convenience foods, is quick and simple to make with your Keurig. Add ½ cup of instant rice to a mug and place it under the Keurig spout.

Choose the smallest cup brew setting and let the water cover the rice. After sitting for about five minutes, you’ll have the perfect single serving of rice.

7. Cider

When Fall rolls around I always start craving a mug of hot cider. My grandmother used to make it on the stove or the crockpot for holiday parties, but when it’s just me that is too much work.

Fortunately, with a Keurig hot cider K-cup, I can brew up a single serve mug of cider for my hot drink cravings.

coffee cocktails

8. Cocktails

If you check out the menu at your favorite bar during the holiday season you’re likely to see a variety of warm cocktails involving coffee, hot cider, or hot chocolate. And the great thing is, with your Keurig, you can make these fun cocktails at home!

Check out these K-Cup Cocktail recipes to prepare for fun and fancy cocktail drinks at your holiday party this year! Please note, you’ll want to do your mixing after the coffee is brewed. Do NOT put alcohol in your Keurig in place of water. This is a fire hazard.

9. Pasta

Although pasta isn’t something I typically think of as an “instant” food, with the Keurig it can come pretty close. Put a single serving of dry pasta in a bowl under your Keurig spout.

Brew water with the Keurig to cook the pasta. Cover the pasta and hot water and let it sit for a few minutes. Add another small splash of water and cover again for a couple more minutes. Add butter, olive oil, or sauce as you prefer before eating. This is also a useful trick for making a few plain noodles for your toddler or young child when they need finger foods.

10. Dessert

A cup of coffee with dessert is a delicious way to finish off a meal for many people. But there are also recipes you can make with the coffee goodness baked right in. And brewing a quick cup with your Keurig makes it that much easier. Check out this list of coffee desserts you can make with the help of a Keurig.

Or just slide a bowl of ice cream under your Keurig spout and brew a cup of coffee to make your own Affogato (ice cream drowned in coffee). Delicious!

11. Tea

Did you know you can make Tea with a Keurig?  You can get tea k-cups or simply use the Keurig for hot water over your favorite tea bags or tea leaves.

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