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Keurig Hot Chocolate

Keurig machines have taken the market by storm since they became available, and the company has been leading the market gracefully since then. With their compact sizes and unrivaled convenience, these machines have been giving competitors a run for their money. 

Did you know Keurig do way more than just make coffee?  If you want to enjoy a delightful cup of hot chocolate, you may want to put your good old Keurig to use. Here, we’ll help you get the best hot chocolate experience with Keurig, and we’ll review some of the best hot chocolate brands on the market.

The Right Way to Make Hot Chocolate With Keurig. 

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We know that making a perfect cup of hot chocolate can change your mood for the better. So here are simple tips to help you do that with Keurig.

First of all, put the hot chocolate pod into the Keurig and secure the lid. Then set up the machine for the brewing process using the “Hot Cocoa” button. Finally, initiate the brewing process by pressing the button “Brew.” Give it a few minutes to be ready.

If your hot choco still doesn’t taste as great as expected, there are some extra tips that may help you. But hey, before you give up, remember it’s hot chocolate! No effort is too much.

You need to track four things to make sure your hot chocolate will turn out perfect, which are texture, flavor, toppings, and froth. In the following lines, we’ll go into details for each of them.


Thickening hot chocolate is the shortest way to improve it. You can do that by using slurry products like whipped cream, which will also make it taste better and prevent it from being loose and watery.


Flavors always improve any drink. With hot chocolate, adding flavors like cinnamon, espresso, nuts, and mint will for sure give you a different, better experience.


Nothing is worse than getting used to your favorite drink to the point that you don’t enjoy it anymore. But you can solve this by adding pieces of marshmallows. It goes very well with hot chocolate. You may also try other toppings, such as colorful sprinkles or whipped cream.


Nobody can deny that froth brings the experience to a close. You can easily make it by shaking a small amount of milk in a bottle until it reaches the desired texture, then placing it on the top of your cup. Better yet, you can use a milk frother to get the best results, or even a French press.

The Best Keurig Hot Chocolate

Whether you want your hot chocolate with a flavor, a creamy texture, or a plain taste, you’ll find what you’re looking for here!  Take a look at some of our favorite hot chocolate k-cups!

Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa 

Swiss Miss Milk Hot Cocoa is a healthy, naturally flavored product. If you’re a fan of milk, this one would be perfect for you. 

The milk gives it a richer and creamy flavor, but it doesn’t overpower the taste. With only 8 oz of it, you can have a creamy, tasteful cup of hot chocolate.

It’s perfect for mornings and sweet evening treats. It has a dark chocolate sensation, so make sure to shake it before using it to get the most of it.

The price of Milk chocolate hot cocoa is pocket-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your budget.

 Peppermint Hot Cocoa

Peppermint Hot Cocoa is a low-calorie, naturally and artificially flavored product. It warms you up with a mixture of peppermint flavor and creamy chocolate—an invaluable blend for cold nights!

It also has a sweet smell, with the chocolate being more potent than the mint. You can buy these pods in boxes of 22. Compared to other products on the market, this one has a fair price.

Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa may be the best for you if you prefer dark chocolate.

It brightens your wintry nights with the flavor of real dark chocolate and a balanced amount of sweetness. Besides, the pods are low-calorie, packing less than 80 calories per cup.

They also contain fewer sugars, making them suitable for anyone who prefers less sugary chocolate.

The prices are dependent on the box sizes, and they may be a bit costly. However, after one sip, you’ll know it’s worth it.

Dunkin’ Donuts Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Dunkin has been leading the donuts market for over 60 years, but what people don’t know is, they make equally good hot chocolate!

It comes with several kinds of brews, creating a warm vibe with the taste of the creamy, homemade cocoa. Better yet, it’s made exclusively for Keurig brewers, so you can expect a delightful taste.

The product is packed in boxes of various sizes with different prices, so you can choose the one that’s suitable for your budget.

Café Escape Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Cafe Escapes Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa stands out with its thick creamy texture and intense chocolate flavor. 

Its chocolate flavor contains a good amount of milk, enough to make you relaxed after one cup. It also has low caffeine content, making up for it with the milk chocolate creaminess. 

The sizes of the boxes dictate the prices here; even though the prices can be a little higher than average, the taste is nowhere near average, especially considering the most economical way to buy it is in bulk!

Keurig Hot Cocoa

After reading this article, you already know all the merits of Keurig as a brand, and most importantly, you know how to use it for a perfect hot chocolate experience.

There are so many different types of hot cocoa kcups out there, you are bound to find one you like!

Whether you like your hot chocolate with a peppermint flavor or a plain chocolatey taste, the products we listed above are worth the try!  Don’t forget to take a look at our favorite Keurig tea pods too!


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