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15 Quick and Easy Turkey Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

November (time for turkey) is a month of fall attire, pumpkin pie, and of course Thanksgiving. In fact, autumn is the perfect time of year to show the spirit of gratitude. Thankfully, this is a great time to bond and show your children why this holiday is so important. With less than a day from eating turkey and mashed potatoes the memories of spending time together as a family is absolutely priceless.

There are so many activities that you can do at home. From creating paper turkey plates to paper pumpkin decorations you and the kids will enjoy these crafts. So get out your scissors, construction paper, and glue because it’s arts and crafts time!

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thanksgiving crafts for kids

Easy Turkey Thanksgiving Crafts to Try

These turkey crafts for Thanksgiving are a ton of fun for the whole family to enjoy!

1.Mod Mayflower 

First, cut off the bottom of the cup. Next, cut two slits with your scissors and place the cup into the center of the cup holder. Second, cut two paper rectangles per boat to make sails. Lastly, cut two sails at the top and bottom and push stirrers through the slits.

Thanksgiving Turkey activities

2. Tabletop Turkey

First, paint a paper cup brown. Next, turn the cup upside down and cut out the bottom of the cup. Cut strips of construction papers into shapes of leaves. Finally, glue the pom pom (turkey head) to the bottom of the cup along with the eyes and beak.



Thanksgiving Turkey activities

3.  Tabletop Turkey

First, paint a  paper cup brown. Next, turn the cup upside down and cut out the bottom of the cup. Also, cut strips of construction papers into shapes of leaves. Lastly, glue the pom pom (turkey head) to the bottom of the cup along with the eyes and beak.

4. Feather Place Mat

 Trace the largest plate you will be using on pieces of scrapbook paper. Don’t forget to cut out circles for your plates. Lastly, glue feathers along edges but leave the center area blank.

Thanksgiving Turkey activities

4. Make place cards for your guests

Make cute nameplate cards for the big day. Then, ask your child to include to reason to be grateful. Your guests will be very appreciative.

5. Create cute aprons

Before you start cooking have your kids create their own unique aprons. In fact, be creative with your paint pens and stamps.

6. Corn Husking contest

Finally, fun way kids can be helpful and enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Nevertheless, give the kids five ears of corn and enjoy a friendly competition.

7. Old fashioned hand turkey

 Consequently, hand turkeys are a classic craft. Use construction paper and trace around your hand for a classic turkey. Also, use color pencils, markers, or crayons to decorate.

8. Decorate fall pumpkins

Find stickers or use paint to decorate your fall pumpkins. Lastly, paint creative shapes and behold your new fall pumpkins.

9. Easy Turkey Pinecone

Cut up construction paper like the shape of a hand and insert the hand turkeys inside the pinecone. Add a pipe cleaner and give two acorn cups for feet.

Turkey pinecone -Shuttershock

10. Fall wreath

As soon as guests arrive why not greet them? Simply purchase a basic wreath and add fall flowers. Most importantly have it hanging on the door.

11. Box Grater

First, purchase a vintage box grater (Etsy) and place it on a tray. Next, decorate the tray with rocks and candles. Use flameless candles for a beautiful illuminating effect.

12.Custom Thanksgiving Leftover Bags

A wonderful idea to give your guests custom “Thank You” plastic bags for extra leftovers.

13. Count your blessings

Before Thanksgiving arrive to create a display that allows you to write 30 days of gratitude and prayers. Make sure you turn the leaf over and read your blessings.

14. DIY Thanksgiving Cards

As soon as kids are out of school let them create their own Thanksgiving card. Most importantly be creative and write why I love Thanksgiving.

15. DIY Terracota Candy Pots

Want to get rid of all the leftover Halloween candy? Nevertheless, why not use a Terracotta pot as a candy dish? It’s easy to decorate and kids will love using it. 

Terracotta candy pots - Real Housemoms




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