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25 of the Best Pancake Recipes on the Internet

In honor of my kids, who would truly starve without pancakes, I decided to find the BEST pancakes I could find on the internet!   Pancakes never have to be boring.  We found NEW ways to make pancakes you may have never thought of before.

25 pancake recipes you dont want to live without

The Best Pancake Recipes

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1- Cinnamon Roll Pancakes   Why not combine the amazing flavors of cinnamon rolls, with a quick and easy pancake? So much faster!25 of the best cinnamon roll pancake recipes

2- Fluffy IHOP Pancakes   If you’ve been to IHOP for their fluffy pancakes, you’ll want to try these! 25 best pancake recipes

3- Nutella STUFFED Pancakes MMMmmmm.. we add nutella to the top of our pancakes all the time, why not inside?25 best pancake recipes

4- Red Velvet Pancakes  The delicious richness of red velvet cake,  inside a pancake! 25 best pancake recipes

5- Churro Pancakes Churro’s will always remind me of trips to Costco! My kids love to get them. Now, we can try it at home! 25 best pancake recipes

6- Cheesecake Pancakes The best pancakes are the creamiest!  These Cheesecake pancakes look SO CREAMY25 best pancake recipes

7- Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes– Should this really be dessert?25 best pancake recipes

8- Harry Potter Butterbeer Pancakespancake recipes

9- Snickerdoodle Pancakespancake recipes

10-Bacon Pancakespancake recipe

11-Strawberry Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes pancake recipes

12- Banana Bread Pancakes pancake recipes

13- Lemon Poppyseed Pancakespancake recipe

14-Peanut Butter and Jelly Pancakes pancake

15- Apple Pie Pancakes pancake recipe roundup

16- Key Lime Pie Pancakespancake recipes

17- Oreo Panckaespancake recipes

18- Cake Batter Pancakes pancake recipe

19- Blueberry Pancakespancake recipe

20- Hot Cocoa Pancakespancake recipes

21- Orange Vanilla Pancakespancake recipe

22- Pecan Pie Pancakes

23- Protein Pancakespancake recipe

24- Smore’s Pancakespancake recipe

25-Pumpkin Pancakespancakes


Recipes and Kitchen- 25 Pancake recipes you don't want to live without

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