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31 Random Acts of Kindness

An act of kindness can change someone’s whole day! And it will very likely change your outlook on the day also. Join us in being kind!

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Did you know researchers have proven that an act of kindness is contagious?

The original research was published by James Fowler and Nicholas Christakis in the British Medical Journal.

Dr. Fowler said, “Personally it’s very exciting to learn that kindness spreads to people I don’t know or have never met. We have the direct experience of giving and seeing people’s immediate reactions, but we don’t typically see how our generosity cascades through the social network to affect the lives of dozens or maybe hundreds of other people.” 

an act of kindness

To help spread kindness, every year February 17th is celebrated as Random Acts of Kindness Day. Wouldn’t it be fun to celebrate as a family and involve the kids in doing random acts of kindness for other people? 

To help you get ready for the celebration, I’ve put together a list of “random acts of kindness” for you and the kids to choose from. 

Free Acts of Kindness: 

1. Compliment a stranger. 

2. Collect all the shopping carts in a parking lot. 

3. Let people go in front of you at the checkout stand.

4. Write inspirational quotes with chalk on the sidewalk

5. Hold the door open for someone. 

6. Write kind words on sticky notes and leave them on a public bathroom mirror.

7. Tell a Random parent that you think they are doing a good job with their kids.

an act of kindness

8. Facebook message a genuine compliment to three people.

9. Write a note to your spouse or significant other and include a list of things you love about them.

10. Offer to load someone’s groceries into their car. 

11. Email or write an old teacher who made a difference in your life, thanking them for their influence.

12. Give away stuff for free on Craigslist.

13. Play board games with senior citizens at a nursing home. 

14. Tell your siblings how much you appreciate them.

Acts of Kindness that Cost Some Money: 

All of these acts of kindness cost less than $10 dollars. 

15. Doorbell Ditch someone with a note that says “You’ve been Ding Dong Ditched” and leave Hostess Ding Dongs by their front door.

16. Buy a dessert for the person behind you at a restaurant or drive up, or if you can afford it you can pay for their meal. 

17. Leave a dollar inside the movie case of your RedBox rental when you return it.

18. Plant wildflower seeds in an abandoned field.

19. Leave coloring books and crayons at a hospital.  

20. Pay $5 dollars to someone’s purchase at GoodWill.  

21. Leave some quarters at a laundromat with a note.  

22. Leave flowers or balloon on someone’s car with a note of encouragement.

random acts of kindness

23. Leave a dollar on a vending machine.  

24. Deliver treats to the firefighters at their station.

25. Leave a dollar in a book at the Library.

26. Leave a dollar at the dollar store with a note. 

27. Donate a dog toys to the humane Society.

28. Leave a bag of popcorn at a Red Box with a note saying you hope they enjoy it the popcorn with their movie.

29. Leave the Mailman a box of Cookies. 

30. Leave baby wipes on a changing table in a public bathroom with a note.

31. Write one of your parents or grandparents a letter. A real letter, on paper, and then mail it!

I hope this list helps you realize how easy it is to do small acts of kindness for others.

We never know what impact or what kind of ripple effect our actions have on other people, especially our kids. Hope you have fun celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day together. 

31 Random Acts of Kindness

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