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5 Board Games That Both Kids and Adults Will Enjoy

If you have to sit through one more game of Go Fish or Candyland, you’re going to go insane. We get it. We feel you. We have a solution.  How’s this for an idea? Board games that are fun for kids AND adults. Yes, they do exist. These games will keep your kids entertained and keep you engaged as well. Family game time doesn’t have to be a chore for mom and dad, you can have fun too. And when you’re enjoying yourselves, your kids can sense it – and it makes for quality bonding moments.

So put down the remote and get out one of our five favorite games that are actually fun for adults.

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5 Board Games for Kids and Adults


1. Zingo!

Zingo! is “bingo with a zing:. It’s a matching game where you match the game tiles to your game card. The fun part is, when the tiles are dispensed (two at a time) you get to yell out your match before anyone else can grab it. It’s great for pre-readers because the tiles have pictures as well as words. And it’s fun for mom and dad because the fast-paced play keeps things competitive.



2. Suspend

This one will remind you of the precarious Jenga tower, but with rubber-tipped wire pieces. To play Suspend, you and your kids take turnings hanging the pieces from a tabletop stand. The balance shifts with each piece as an awesome sculpture forms. But just like Jenga – beware! – one wrong move and the whole thing will come crashing down. Plus your kids will be practicing important fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem solving – but, shhhh don’t tell them.

Pop the Pig

3. Pop the Pig

Although Pop the Pig is geared towards preschoolers, it can also appeal to adults for a few reasons. Hardly any set up is required, the rules are simple so you’re not constantly helping your kids along, and the popping belly action is actually pretty fun. Players spin the spinner, pop a hamburger into the pig’s mouth, then pump his head. The more they pump, the more his belly grows until . . . pop! Kids love the suspense as they watch his belly grow; and parents will love the quick and uncomplicated game play.


4. HedBanz

HedBanz is so much fun, and can actually be quite challenging! Each player gets a headband that holds a picture card facing out on their forehead. After you’re done laughing at how silly you all look, the fun begins. You get to ask funny questions to find out what card is on your head. The cards feature animals, foods, or common objects with varying degrees of difficulty. You have to think fast because you only have a minute for each turn. Your kids will love watching you scramble for the right answer, and you’ll love seeing your kids improve their deductive reasoning skills. Bonus: Try the Disney-themed version too!

Uno card game

5. Uno Attack!

A classic twist on an old favorite, Uno Attack! adds the element of surprise. It comes with an electronic card launcher and you never know who’s going to get attacked. Players push the launcher button on the shooter if they cannot match the card in the discard pile. Sometimes nothing happens, but for unlucky players, the shooter will fire a stream of cards and they have to add them to their hand. The added stakes makes it a lot more exciting for adults, and the kids of course are delighted by the shooting action.


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