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5 Ways to Decorate Around Your TV

A big flat screen TV is great for binge-watching shows, but its dominating presence can become a challenge when it comes to decorating your home.  Whether you mount it on the wall or set it on a TV cabinet, you’re still left with a giant black rectangle and a boring blank wall to deal with.  So what’s a TV enthusiast to do? Get rid of the TV all together? Pick up a book? Don’t be ridiculous. There’s another way – here are five simple ideas for decorating around your TV.

5 ways to decorate around your tv

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1. Create a gallery wall around the TV

Your TV is already rectangle-shaped, making it perfect for using in a gallery wall. Surround the TV with framed art or photographs and that big, black box won’t be such a distracting eyesore. Use different sizes and orientations of frames for a well-balanced arrangement. Don’t hang them too close together or the display will look cluttered, at least two to three inches between each piece is a good rule to follow.

5 ways to decorate around your tv
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2. Hang a shelf above the TV

Hanging a shelf above the TV is an easy way to make it an attractive focal point. The shelf adds interest and visually anchors the TV to the space. Add a few pretty accessories, and your TV is now part of great little vignette!

5 ways to decorate around your tv
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3. Build a shelving unit around the TV

You may not have the budget for a custom built-in entertainment center, but you can get the same look with open shelving. All you need is a standard mounted shelving kit from a home improvement store to copy this look.

5 ways to decorate around your tv
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4. Make the TV disappear with black paint

Are you ready to go bold? Paint the wall where your TV is mounted black! Black walls are a big trend right now, so why not take the plunge? The black TV will disappear, and you’re friends won’t believe how cool you are.

5 ways to decorate around your tv
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5. Hide the TV with a map

If all else fails – literally hide your TV behind something more attractive. This example uses a cute roll-up map. Pull it down when the TV isn’t in use, and no one will even know it’s there! You can pose as an intellectual snob who would never dare own a TV and only reads important novels in their free time.

5 ways to decorate around your tv

5 ways to decorate around your tv
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5 ways to decorate around your tv


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