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7 Best Closet Tips to Appear Bigger and Luxurious

All closets are different sizes. Some are very small and some are the designer style with shelves and cabinets. Thankfully, we can turn our closets into spaces that fit our lifestyle. In fact, as a young girl, I used to love watching MTV Cribs for ideas to decorate. Moreover, as a mom, I now have many practical ideas to organize my closet. In reality, it’s so easy for a pile of clothes and misplaced shoes to clause clutter. It’s a problem that we all deal with at home. From wooden hangers to shelf dividers, being creative with your closet can help you save lots of space.

Here are 7 tips that will help you save space.

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Maximize your Closet Space

clothes on wooden hangers

    1. Try using wooden hangers – Aesthetically, they make your clothes look amazing. In addition, they also provide a touch of luxury. It will make you feel like you are shopping in a nice boutique.
    2. Inventory your clothes – Go through all your clothes and inventory what you have in your closet. Separate your clothes into categories: pants, skirts, shirts, dresses, and accessories.shoe organizer
    3. Try a closet door shoe rackThis is one of the best space savers that is functional and easy to use to sort your shoes. It is also a time saver when you need a pair of heels quickly when running late for work.
    4. Add art or inspiring motivational quotes – Why not add a little bit of motivation? Sometimes when you wake up in the morning you need a little sunshine to keep you happy.
    5. Use shelf dividersThese dividers are a great way to your sweaters, knits, or jeans. You can put them at the top of your shelf to carefully organize your clothes. It keeps the clothes separated and neat.
    6. Label your storage containers  – Consequently, using a label maker makes finding clothes easy. This is one of the best ways to organize in a small space. Thankfully, you will be able to create more space and room immediately. Once you do your inventory you can decide what needs to stay or be donated.organized closet
    7. Purchase a closet kit – Although, if you do not have the time to create your own system consider purchasing your personal kit. The Rubbermaid closet kit offers an affordable option. If you need an alternative solution try a custom closet system. Nevertheless, you will see more space and feel better about having a bigger and organized closet.



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