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8 House Cleaner Habits You Should Totally Steal

We are not all natural born cleaners. Some people seem to have a gift of cleanliness. Even though it can sometimes seem as if we just do not possess that talent like them, there are certain minor tweaks we could make to our cleaning habits, that could end up making us seem like total pros! At the end of the day, the only thing we need to understand is that a little bit of dedication and conscientiousness can take us to places. So, we are here to help you redefine your approach to cleaning, and provide you with 8 cleaner habits you should by all means steal, in order to make your cleaning endeavors more efficient than ever before!

house cleaner habits


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The biggest favor you could possibly do for yourself, is to make a cleaning schedule. Leave the weekends off, but Monday-Friday must include some quick chores that are of utmost importance if you want your house to shine. For example, associate each day with a particular room in the house. Monday means that it’s time for bathroom cleaning, Tuesday means it’s the living room’s turn. You catch our drift, right?


Your designated daily tasks that are included in the schedule, should be what we call “Power Cleans”. Try not to lose a couple of hours each day on cleaning. 30 minutes is more than enough to make sure you have thoroughly done the job for the day. Find your motivation, and delve into it. After you complete a task, we guarantee you are going to feel a great sense of accomplishment. Keeping it short, efficient and entertaining is the right way to go!


dirty dishes


Now, this is the part where most of us fall off. It is hard enough to force yourself to cook something to eat, but who wants to bother with cleaning the dishes afterwards? Those people whose houses look like they have never seen a grain of dust, or a stain on the carpet, simply do not suffer from this problem. As soon as the stew hits the stove, cleaning begins. Instead of waiting idly for your meal to cook, use that time to wash your dirty kitchen implements and countertops.


While you are making your schedule, what goes on it are mostly high priority stuff. No doubt about it, those chores like scrubbing your bathroom, vacuuming and dusting are highly important. However, we tend to overlook those simple things that also influence our impressions of the home looking tidy or not. We think that straightening a pile of magazines and newspapers makes no difference whatsoever, or neatly aligned pillows on the sofa. This is simply not true. These small details make a lot of difference! Actually, just taking care of these details can help you fake your way through having a tidy house when friends suddenly stop by for a drink.  

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Whatever you may be cleaning, always start from the top. For example, if you are scrubbing your bathroom tiles, and you start from the bottom, what do you think will happen when you move on to the sides? Probably the best example is dusting. Not starting from the top forces you to do the same job at least two times. You clean the bottom, then move to the top, and you suddenly realize that a lot of the dust that you have been cleaning at the top, fell down to the bottom.

house slippers


This is a paragraph on prevention. Instead of having to clean your floors and carpets form day to day, have a few pairs of house slippers waiting in the hallway. Most of the debris that you find laying around on the floor comes from our shoes and feet. Investing in slippers is not a big deal, but it does make a big difference.


kids cleaning with mom


Having a schedule ready is a great way to get your family involved in the cleaning process. Everybody should have their designated daily tasks. This way, the pressure does not only fall onto your back, the job gets done much quicker, and it can be a really good opportunity for additional bonding with your family members. In case you have kids, get them involved as well. Making it a competition is such a fun thing to do, but you must not forget to have a reward waiting at the finish line. If you think about it for a second, this can be a great learning process for them, and it is very important to make them form strong cleaning habits. They will thank you later!

cleaning with music


Our final advice would be to try and relax while you are doing your daily chores. Probably the best way is to play some of your favorite tunes while you are doing them. If you are not a fan of music (and there is not a lot of you out there), make this your learning time. Play some podcasts or educational radio shows, and educate yourself simultaneously while you are tidying up. People who are committed to their daily cleaning routines tend to do this, and they would even go as far as to say that it’s a form of meditation for them.  

It does not always have to be hard work. Simple modifications of your routines could make a huge difference. However, some of us just do not want to be bothered by these issues, and we would much rather have a professional dealing with them. This approach is also very reasonable and understandable. Still, it is not a simple job trying to find a reliable house cleaner who does the job properly. will provide you with perfect solutions if you are that person. Best services should come at a reasonable price. Visit Helpling, and make your life just how you want it to be.

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