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8 Instagram Accounts to Follow For Amazing Bullet Journal Spreads

Bullet journaling is one of the hottest new trends in getting organized! It is allowing people to be creative and find their own path to organizing their entire life. If you haven’t gotten in on the trend yet, a bullet journal is a paper planner that you create the pages for yourself. You are no longer limited by the formats that Franklin Covey releases, you can have your very own bullet journal spreads that have all the features YOU need to get organized.

Instagram is a great place to find amazing bullet journal spreads covering weekly, monthly, daily templates and more. You definitely want to check out these Instagram accounts, and give them a follow for tons of inspiring spreads!

Bullet Journal Spreads from Instagram accounts you’ll love:

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Journal Junkies has this gorgeous weekly spread! I love that it includes habits and even the weather forecast!

I love the doodles and quotes that surround this weekly spread from the Pale Paper. Not sure if I can pull it off, since I’m not very artistic, but this is absolutely what my daughter’s would look like.

This weekly spread is really simple, which I love. It’s easy to read and has plenty of space to fill in your tasks and appointments.

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What I love about this weekly spread from merakisign is that it feels more like a scrapbook. With a bullet journal like this, you would never have to create a separate scrapbook, since your day planner would become your personal journal/scrapbook.

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This weekly spread would be perfect for someone just starting out with bullet journaling, since it is simple and easy to re-create.

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This weekly spread is the ultimate in geometric shapes. It has extremely clean lines that make the whole bullet journal spread really clean and gorgeous.

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Breaking away from the weekly spreads, this monthly spread is so much fun. There is plenty of space to keep track of your calendar, but it also incorporates images and stickers to give it a really custom feeling.

Taking an extremely simple approach to the week, this bullet journal spread is not for someone with a ton of appointments and tasks. There isn’t a ton of room for those, but someone who has a much simpler schedule than others, maybe someone single who works all day at a job, could get a lot of use out of this layout.

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