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Alternatives To Your Everyday Birthday Cake

Sometimes you just need a change. If you find yourself in this situation try one of these alternatives to your everyday birthday cake.

Candy Tower Birthday Cake

Of all the things I love candy is definitely in the top 10. So I am swooning over this HUGE candy cake tower. There are a variety of candies from theater boxed candy to mini boxed candy. Then the suckers and candy that comes in bar form. Don’t forget the Fun Dip that drives us crazy because of the MESS it makes!

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If chocolate is more your thing then use this tutorial to get building a candy bar cake tower. You can use full size bars or go for the fun size. The choice is yours. The bars are stuck to something underneath like a plastic bowl (think Cool Whip container) or a box so you can go as BIG or as small as you would like. This would be a cake that is easy to share.

Donut Tree Cake

Another top 10 favorite for me is DONUTS. Love them! So when I saw this donut tree made from donut holes I had to learn more. It’s so adorable and bright and fun. It would be a perfect alternative to your everyday birthday cake. The tower starts with a styrofoam cone. You’ll want to cover that cone in foil. Then secure the cone to a plate with icing or if you don’t plan on keeping the plate then whip out that hot glue gun. Next you are going to need some donut holes. If you are the donut making type then pull out your favorite recipe and get to work (adding sprinkles to some for variety). If made from scratch in your kitchen isn’t your type of donut then get yourself to a bakery and buy them (my preferred method). Now grab some toothpicks and use them to stick the donut holes to the styrofoam. A 9in cone will use around 50 donut holes.

Waffle Cake Birthday Cake

Waffles are a great idea for an alternative birthday cake. For starters they are already in that round shape (or square is also a good choice). You can add sprinkles or chocolate chips to the batter to add some extra color and flavor to your waffle. Try adding a buttercream frosting to your layers and then top it with fruit or candy or more sprinkles.

Watermelon Cake

This watermelon cake is awesome. It would be so fresh and light on a summer day. The entire inside of the cake is watermelon. Cool Whip is the frosting. Fruits and some almond slices are the decoration. What a great alternative to an everyday birthday cake.

Popcorn Cake

This yummy popcorn cake is formed in a bundt pan. Start by making the popcorn (get all the unpopped kernels out). Add your mix ins like M&M’s and pretzels. Melted marshmallows and butter will bind it all together. Pop it in the bundt pan and press it in good. Tada! A popcorn cake.

When you need a change try one of these alternatives to your everyday birthday cake. Everyone will be excited to have variety and see your new creation.

Birthday cake alternatives

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