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Sanity Savers When You Are Stuck At Home

Stuck at home and need some sanity savers? Here are a few simple things you can do to help you stay positive while you’re stuck in the house. 

sanity savers when you are stuck at home


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Feeling stressed about being stuck at home? Get moving! It’s not only good for your body but exercise releases endorphins, which is good for your mental state. The options are limitless. If you can head outside, go for a walk or run, jump rope with your kids, or get some yard work done. If you are stuck inside, hit up Youtube and find an exercise video you like. Or, get creative and make up your own exercise: run up and down the stairs, lift weights with cans or jugs of milk, or create an indoor obstacle course for you and your kids. 

Help Others

A great sanity saver is finding ways you can help others at home. Write old fashioned snail mail letters to loved ones. Donate to a favorite charity. Have groceries delivered to a family in need. Record cute videos of your kids to send to their teachers and friends who are missing them. It’s true that it is harder to help people when you are stuck at home, so you’ll definitely have to get creative. 

Get Some Alone Time

sanity savers

Make sure you’re getting some time to yourself. Wake up before the kiddos to enjoy a cup of coffee and some solitude. For me, having some alone time each day is a completely necessary sanity saver. 

Be Creative

Finding a creative outlet is a great sanity saver. Again, there are plenty of options here. For something simple: grab some markers and crayons and color with your kids, write a story together, or make up a song together. If there is a creative outlet you used to be passionate about, try to bring that back into your life. Grab that guitar you haven’t played in months and give it a whirl. Pull out the sewing machine and make something. Pull out your apron and make that tricky recipe you’ve always wanted to try. 

Lower Your Expectations

If you are feeling stressed about being stuck in the house, that’s normal. Most people get a little stir crazy if they can’t get out and live out their normal life. So first, just know that it’s okay to feel stressed. And, don’t set your expectations too high. If you make yourself and your family a super regimented schedule you might be setting yourself up for failure which will lead to more stress. Keep your expectations low when you’re stuck at home. 

Go Outside

sanity savers when you're stuck at home

Spending a little time outside each day is a great way to feel refreshed. There are tons of options: take a bike ride, go for a walk or a run, play soccer with your kids, or grab sidewalk chalk and make a masterpiece in your driveway. The fresh air and vitamin D may be just what you need. 

Being stuck at home can cause you to feel down in the dumps. Try out some of these sanity savers to help elevate your mood. 


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