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Small Pantry Organization Ideas to Maximize Your Space

We are in and out of our pantries all day everyday. Check out these pantry organization ideas to help stay on top of your food supply.

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Food storage options sometimes can be limited when your home has a very small pantry. Maximizing space without creating more clutter is a delicate dance. If you are looking for pantry organization ideas for your tiny space so that every inch is put to good use, try some of these tips out:

Check Expiration Dates

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Once a month, go through your entire pantry and check expiration dates on things like crackers and cereal. Also be aware that canned goods last a very long time. Although expiration dates are important, you should also toss any items that have been sitting in your pantry for longer than necessary. Also, if you bought a food item on a whim at the grocery store, consider just donating it to the local food pantry instead.

Break Down Large Packages

Items bought in bulk typically come in very large packages to save money and trips to the grocery store. However, while this saves money in the long run it can also be problematic when it comes to storing things in a small space. Consider taking items that come in large packaging, and breaking them down into small storage containers or bags. For example, extra large bags of cereal can be put into resealable Ziploc bags or tight sealed plastic containers. Any leftover cereal can be left in the original bag and set aside in a different location until you run out of the item in the small bag in the pantry.

The Little Things

Try not to overlook the small things when organizing your small pantry. Spice packages, baking items and children snacks can take up the most space in a small pantry. Use stackable containers or baskets to store these small items. Wooden or plastic tiered drawers provide the perfect place for easy access and storage. Lazy susans are another good idea for these small items, too.

Find Alternatives

Finding other places to store certain food items might be a good idea if space is just too limited. Try putting a freestanding cupboard elsewhere in your kitchen to keep some items that don’t have to be placed in the pantry. Any drawers in your actual kitchen cupboards that aren’t being used can also be a good spot to keep items. 

Get creative with shelves within your pantry, too. Wall space within a small pantry can often be neglected. While a pantry is best known for having shelves at eye level, lower shelves can be added to optimize space lower to the ground. Also, don’t put items kids or pets shouldn’t have access to at these lower levels. 

Less Shopping

The best way to limit the need for excess storage in your small pantry is to limit your food shopping. Try making more trips to purchase food items but buy less stuff. Buying items in bulk or just because something is on sale is very economical. However, if you don’t have anywhere to put it then change the way you shop. Being cognizant of your food pantry storage options will help you limit the amount of items you put in your grocery cart. 

These pantry organization ideas are great if you have a small amount of space.  But they are also great if you have a large pantry that gets cluttered quickly.

Small Pantry Organization Ideas to Maximize Your Space

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