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Are Homeschooled Kids Successful?

When you decide to homeschool your child, it will significantly change your lifestyle. However, it might be more challenging in some ways than public school, while it will be easier in other ways. In the US, there are roughly 2 million children who are in homeschooling. But almost 40 countries have banned homeschooling.

Homeschooled children can turn out just as successful as traditionally schooled children. There are many successful homeschooled children in the world. In addition, homeschooling allows your child to learn at an advanced pace and have improved mental health.

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Homeschooling has its benefits and its drawbacks. Many children think homeschooling is easy as you can stay at home the whole day, but homeschooling is just as much work, if not more so, than public schooling. Like having no homework but on the other hand, they will have to work harder than the average student.

Homeschooled Kids Can Be Successful

Traditionally schooled children often struggle under the pressure of their peers and curriculum to work at an advanced pace they can’t keep up with and struggle to understand. Homeschooling allows children to develop at their own pace without these negative factors. Additionally, the flexible curriculums allow kids to focus on critical areas, enabling them to gain essential life skills.

The freedom associated with homeschooling schedules develops better mental health and allows kids to pursue additional interests and passions. Therefore, homeschooled kids can acquire practical life skills and experiences that help them to become more successful. Further, homeschooled kids with special needs can focus on their unique situations, helping them grow into successful adults.

Homeschooling is more personalized, enabling kids to study work relevant to the fields they want to pursue. Therefore, they avoid unnecessary work and focus on success in their respective fields. Further, this allows them to come into contact with more extensive experiences and have a more informed discussion about the careers they wish to pursue.

Homeschooled kids can be more successful in their personal lives, and their parents can be more directly involved in their curriculum and physical activities. Thus, they can form better bonds with their family and have more healthy relationships. Also, homeschooled kids learn to be more independent and self-motivating, helping them be successful in their personal and work lives.

Impact Of Homeschooling On Academic Achievement

Homeschooling is an excellent alternative for children who don’t fit in well with crowds and don’t adjust well. Homeschooled kids can learn at their own pace, which may affect their academic achievements in many ways. Homeschooling also allows your child to focus on what’s important to them, and it also allows them to enjoy learning more.

Slow learners and ADHD children will benefit from homeschooling academically. When your child learns at their own pace, they can progress faster than expected. Homeschooling allows for one-on-one teaching so your child gets the needed attention. In addition, when your child has special needs, they can get specialized attention in the required areas.

Why Homeschooled Kids Can Be More Successful

Homeschooling is very different from traditional schooling in many ways. For example, the lifestyle of a homeschooled child can be irregular and takes a lot of effort, planning, and commitment. However, a traditionally schooled child has a more consistent schedule and can be more relaxed than a homeschooled child.

Homeschooled kids can develop fundamental life skills that give them a considerable advantage. Furthermore, they have the time and freedom to gain experience that they can use in the future. For example, the flexibility of homeschool schedules gives kids free time for part-time jobs and volunteer work. Additionally, they can study other subjects not offered in standard curriculums.

Just like regular schooling, homeschooling has activities and sports. You can choose which activities you want to add and what sports. For example, for activities, you can select drawing and cooking. For sports, you can have soccer and baseball. You will need to keep your child active and keep them from spending the whole day behind a desk. However, homeschooling allows kids to pursue sports more passionately.


Homeschooling engages kids to apply critical thinking and problem-solving in their education. As a result, homeschooled kids can deal with real-world crises and develop practical and applicable solutions. Homeschooled kids face unique obstacles during their education, strengthening their character and helping them become more successful.

Depending on your chosen curriculum, homeschooling can be a much better option for your child. They can develop faster and go through school faster as well. But you will need to put the necessary time and effort into their schooling and ensure you have time to do so. You can hire a tutor or choose public education if you don’t have time. 


Homeschooled Kids Who Turned Out Successful

There is a common misconception that homeschooled children are misfits, but this is untrue. Homeschooled children have a very high success rate. Additionally, well-known surgeons, musicians, and lawyers have all received their education at home. Some of these people have won awards and are famous around the world, including:


  • Ryan Gosling – He is an actor who has a Golden Globe award, and he has been nominated for several other prizes as well
  • Justin Bieber – Is a singer who has won 18 music awards, 23 Teen Choice awards, and 21 MTV Europe music awards, along with many others
  • Taylor Swift – She is a successful singer who won an American Music award for artist of the year, as well as various nominations
  • Sage Kotsenburg – Professional Snowboarder who won the first ever Olympic gold medal in men’s snowboarding slopestyle
  • Venus and Serena Williams – Professional tennis players who each won four gold medals in the Olympics



Homeschooling your child is not easy, and you must put time and effort into it. Homeschooling does progress faster than regular schooling so keep in mind if your child will keep up. Choose a program that will suit your child for the years to come. Your child will be happy and prosperous no matter what schooling you choose. Still, in many aspects, homeschooling is a better option.



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