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Barbie Birthday Party Ideas

Do you have a little girl obsessed with Barbie dolls? Then you have to check out all of these Barbie Birthday Party Ideas. All the best food and drink ideas, supplies, and decorations, and of course, fun activities to keep all the kiddos entertained!

Any Barbie girl lover will love having a Barbie themed birthday party. All the pink, the bows, the Barbie decor and all the fun themed food ideas. So many ideas to make sure everyone has a great time at your birthday girls’ barbie party.

Barbie Birthday Party Ideas

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If you have settled on Barbie as the perfect theme for your special girls upcoming birthday celebration, then you must check out all of these Barbie party ideas!

Invite your party guests to your Barbie themed birthday party with an adorable Barbie party invitation.

We have a ton of other girl birthday party themes you may enjoy too!

Barbie Food and Drink

Dessert Ideas: What’s a birthday party without a fun Barbie cake, pink candles and ice cream? Don’t forget to use a cute cake topper on your Barbie birthday cake, that you can get in one of the bundles of decorations and supplies shared below. Or just have a simple pink cake with a pink ribbon and stick a Barbie in the middle as a centerpiece. Maybe serve some Barbie cookies?!

Drink: Grab some of these water bottle labels to transform normal water bottles into fun Barbie drinks. you could even add these fun labels to regular plain cups to dress them up a bit, or to other drinks in general.

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Food Ideas: Since pink is Barbie’s favorite color, you know it’s going to be the color scheme of your party. Think of all the best pink inspired food ideas you can come up with.

You can serve pink donuts with your pink cake with the Barbie topper, and cupcakes on the dessert table. Try serving some pink lemonade as a drink, maybe some pink strawberry mousse as a dessert alternative and other fun pink food ideas.

Barbie Supplies and Decorations

Here are some of our favorite Barbie birthday party supplies so you can throw the perfect party!

Party decoration packs: Grab this Birthday Party Barbie for the birthday girl! It’s packed with all the best party decorations for your Barbie-themed party.

Get your Barbie Party pack that has a banner, plates, cups, party straws, and more. Or you can use this second bundle of Barbie party supplies that has a photo backdrop, cupcake toppers, table runners, and more. The perfect way to decorate with everything all in one pack. Bring on the Barbie spirit!

​If you’re looking to go a little more simple, grab a bunch of pink plates and streamers, and some white accent balloons to change up the color scheme just a bit around the room. We know Barbie loves the color pink, but having an accent color can really help the rest of the decor and supplies pop! 

Blow up balloons: This is a fun balloon pack to blow up, you can have all sorts of fun balloon decorations around– filled with various colored balloons in different shades of pink Barbie silhouettes, a giant Barbie head balloon, and heart and star balloons around your party space.


Keep it simple: Need some easy decorations? Hang up some Barbie posters and some hot pink fringe curtains in the doorway. Have your birthday girl take some pictures of her favorite Barbies doing her favorite activities, print them out and hang them up as decorations. She can even reuse these as decorations for her room after the photos have made their debut at her lovely birthday party.

2 Pack 3.2ft x 9.8ft Hot Pink Metallic Tinsel Foil Fringe Curtains for Birthday Bridal Shower Baby Shower Bachelorette Party Backdrop Decorations

Don’t forget the tunes: You an’t have all of the kids over for a fun barbie-themed birthday party and forget to blare the music! If you have a kid who enjoys playing with Barbies and get to see the recent Barbie movie, then we know they’re going to want to play the epic soundtrack at their party. It’s a fun way to get the kids up and and dancing too!

Barbie Activities

Photo Op: Snag a photo backdrop for all of your guests to take pictures with. You can create a barbie photo booth with it and have the girls take pictures with their favorite Barbie doll for the perfect photo op. 

Additionally, we know every Barbie fan would love a Barbie Box photo booth! You can make your own or see if your local party rental company may have one that you can rent for the day. You can take digital pictures, have a Polaroid camera or other fun way to take and share pictures with the birthday girl of honor and all of her guests!

Busy Books: Want a fun activity to keep the little girls entertained? Grab some of the party packs with stickers, coloring books, and fun little stampers.

Crafts: Have all the girls gather around the craft table and make Barbie necklaces with this fun necklace activity set.

Games: There are a ton of Barbie games out there, especially since the new Barbie movie came out. You can look at Etsy for some fun DIY type ideas, or play a simple game of Pin the Sunglasses on Barbie. You could also play Barbie Bingo, Barbie Uno, or have a Barbie fashion show to end the ultimate Barbie birthday party. 

Bounce around: Get a big hot pink Barbie bounce house for the kids to bounce around in and use up some energy in. What better way to use up the post cake sugar high?! Everyone will love this awesome idea.

Play with Barbies: Get some Barbies out for all of your guests and let them play with them, have a fashion show, and whatever else they come up with. You have to play with Barbies at your special day. Make sure to grab an extra set of clothes and accessories so everyone has plenty of things to choose from.

Catch the big screen: This would be a great idea for a Barbie theme birthday party sleepover- have all your best friends over to watch all your favorite Barbie Movies!

Barbie makeover: For the older kids, you can get some play makeup and let them do makeup makeovers with each other. Just make sure to have plent of make up remover wipes so everyone can go to bed with clean faces.

Barbie theme party favors: Send your guests home with fun party box favor bags filled with temporary tattoos, mini puzzles, and even a mini makeup set or other party favors that would fit the Barbie party theme. We bet all the guests will have fun looking through their bags on the ride home.

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Hopefully you have found enough activities, food ideas, and decorations for the perfect Barbie birthday party. Share what you’re most excited for in the comments below.

​The Best Barbie Party Planning Tips

  • Involve the birthday girl. See if she has any hopes, dreams, or desired for her dazzling Barbie Birthday Party!
  • Don’t stress out about planning or executing the perfect party! Something is bound to go wrong or not as planned, so be prepared to just roll with the punches. 
  • Remember that this is a party for your Barbie loving child, so make sure they’ll enjoy any thing you’re including in the party planning phase. 
  • Let your guests know of any pertinent info on their invitation ASAP. Let them know the date so they can plan accordingly. If you have specific activities that require certain attiire or certain things, make sure to mention that on the invite too. For instance, if it’s a pool party, make sure to tell guests to bring swim suits.

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