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BBQing Tips and Tricks

The weather is warming up and the days are getting longer it’s time to get your grilling on. Start by checking out these BBQing tips and tricks.

Flipping over meat on a grill.
Photo by Paul Hermann on Unsplash

Tips and Tricks for the Best BBQing

Clean the Grill Before BBQing

An amazing tip and trick for cleaning your grill is to use an onion. That’s right folks, an onion.

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Simply cut an onion in half and poke some holes in it. Then rub the onion along the grate. The acidity of the onion will help remove the residue.

Another trick is to take some newspaper and lay it out. Then set your grate on top of the newspaper. Next, add another layer of newspaper on top of the grate. Finally, spray the newspaper with water.

The magic happens after you leave the grate in the wet newspaper overnight. When you take the newspaper off you should be able to easily wipe the grill residue off with it.

Give the Grill Time to Heat Up

Being patient pays off when it comes to BBQing. So avoid the temptation to get your meat on the grill right away and allow your grill to heat up first.

Why should the grill heat up first? For starters as the grill heats up some of the previous cooking residue can be removed.

Another perk is that the meat is less likely to get stuck to the grill if it’s heated up first.

Also, if you put the meat on too early then you will likely have to cook it for longer and therefore could result in drier meat. No good.

Putting the meat on before the grill is heated up can also cause uneven cooking throughout your meat.

Finally, the last tip and trick for BBQing with a heated up grill is that it helps to get those epic photo worthy grill marks.

A piece of meat with grill marks.
Photo by Eugene on Unsplash

Tips and Tricks to Keep the Meat from Sticking

As mentioned before allowing your grill time to heat up will help to keep your meat from sticking to the grill. Yet, there are also other tips to try to keep your meat from sticking.

You can use a potato. Simply cut a potato in half and poke some holes in it. Then rub the cut side along the grill grate.

The starch from the potato will make a protective coating on the grill and help to keep your meat from sticking.

A simple solution is to be sure the grill is clean. When your grill is clean it is less likely you will have to worry about stuck on meat.

You can also try oiling your meat instead of the grill. Pat your meat dry and then add your favorite oil to your meat before setting it on the grill.

Use a Meat Thermometer

Nothing is worse than having a guest bite into a burger that is raw in the middle. To avoid this unfortunate circumstance break out a meat thermometer.

Meat thermometers are also great for checking things like a turkey or whole chicken when some parts are thicker than others. A thermometer allows you to get down in there and be sure it’s finished cooking.

It also helps you to keep from over cooking your meat and drying it out.

Digital meat thermometer.

This meat thermometer from Amazon has been a go to for us. Not only can you use it for meat but it also works as a candy thermometer.

Wireless meat thermometer.

This wireless meat thermometer from Amazon is amazing for when you are needing to keep the lid closed on the grill or smoker but also want to keep tabs on the temp.

It allows you to put probes into your meat that send you the temperature of the meat to a separate hand held device that can be in the house with you. So convenient!

Tips and Tricks During Grilling

Do you feel like your burgers get all dried out when grilling? If so this tip is for you. When you put your raw burger on the grill try making a small indent in the middle and putting in a piece of ice. As the ice melts it will add moisture to your burger.

If you want to take things up a notch then when you add the ice to your burger you can also add a pat of butter on top.

Do you love a good crust on your steak? You can spray your steak with apple juice before you put it on the grill to help get that pretty and delicious crust on it.

Making kabobs? You can use a normal skewer or you can spice things up and slide your meat and veggies onto a sprig of rosemary. It will add an extra layer of flavor to your kabob.

Kabobs on a grill.
Photo by Z Grills Australia on Unsplash

If you like to cook pizza on your grill then use a pizza stone and add some cornmeal to it to keep your pizza from sticking.

Let Your Meat Rest

Who doesn’t want to just dig right into that meat when it’s hot off the grill? I know I do! Yet, this is where your patience comes into play once more when grilling.

Once you take your meat off the grill you should let it rest. The best way to do this is to cover it with foil and let it sit for a few minutes (2-10min.).

This resting allows for the moisture to be locked into your delicious piece of meat. Although, if you are having brats or hot dogs you can go ahead and just dig in. Those meats don’t need to rest.

BBQing season is one of the best seasons of the year. So don’t spoil a perfect piece of steak by having it taste fishy or dry.

Be sure to keep your grill clean and use the tips and tricks to keep food from sticking.

Keep your meat moist by not putting it on the grill too early and using a meat thermometer to not over cook it.

Then let it rest. So you can lock in all that goodness and moisture.

Happy BBQing!

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