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The Best Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Create an easy celebration with the perfect inspiration: Summer! We’ve got tons of Summer Birthday Party Ideas & Themes to get your creativity flowing!

Everyone loves the season and all the fun it brings, so take a cue from the summer months directly and hold a themed bash that makes the most of this seriously special time of year.

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Why are Summer Birthdays the Best?

The Weather & The Great Outdoors

It seems anyone not born in the summer months of June, July, and August have some serious birthday envy at some point in their life—we know we did! 

Summer birthdays are awesome because there are so many options for places to hold a birthday party that just are not possible at other times of the year, and the fact that most kids are out of school at the time means bigger, more exciting parties that make the most of the warm weather.

One of the main things that make summer birthdays special is the weather. Summer often means sunny skies and warm temperatures, which make outdoor parties ideal. 

Not only can you hold a party at the regular indoor party locations (such as event rooms, play places, restaurants and at home) but the great outdoors is open for business as well.

Whether is is a backyard pool party, birthday at the local park, a unique surprise party, or a day trip to somewhere exciting like an amusement park or the beach, the choices are endless!

Bright Colors & Fun Activities

Flowers blooming, patriotic celebrations, and tropical drinks all have one thing in common—lots and lots of color! 

Summer parties are perfect for themes and decorations made up of bright, tropical colors, which instantly add vibrancy and happiness to any party location.

There are also many fun games and activities that are best played during the summertime—keep scrolling for some of our favorites!

Amazing Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Top 8 Classic Summer Birthday Party Themes

  1. Pool Party
  2. Movie Night
  3. Party at the Local Park
  4. Water Themed Party with lots of water balloons to throw
  5. Water Balloon Games-
  6. Backyard Carnival with outdoor games
  7. Beach Themed Birthday Party
  8. Picnic Party

Toddler/Kid Summer Birthday Theme Ideas

Frozen in Summer Birthday Party Theme

Moana Birthday Party

Popsicle Party

Kiddie Pool Games Party

Shark Party

Ocean Animal Party

Mermaid Themed Party

Pirate Party

Water Games

(Slip and slide, water balloons, Pass the Bucket, Wet Sponge Relays

Lemonade Party

Picnic Party

Camping Themed Birthday

Ice Cream Party

Stars & Space Party

Bubble Guppies

What time is it? It’s time for a Party! Create an underwater world where their favorite Bubble Guppies swim, set up the “store” to grab all the gear they need for today’s adventure, and line up everybody line up for a fintastic fun time!

Watermelon “One-in-a-Melon” Party

Perfect summer theme for a one year old’s birthday!


Two-tti Fruiti


Bluey Birthday Party-

It seems to always be warm and sunny in Australia, and Bluey is a smash hit here in the States, so play all of Bluey and Bingo’s favorite games at a Heeler themed party! Disney Junior even has awesome Bluey printables you can use to decorate.

Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Tweens/Teens

Party at a Drive in Movie Theater

Beat the heat by renting an actual movie theater in the middle of the day!

Summer Olympics

Day at the Lake- boat rental

Water Park Party

Pool Float Party

Bubble Run Party

Retro Roller Skate-

the fashion styles are totally 90s right now, so why shouldn’t the parties be too? Head to the closest roller rink for a (now) unique party experience, and for extra cheer, encourage guests to really dress up in full disco apparel!

Party Under the Stars

Trampoline Sleepover Birthday

Summer on Ice: Ice Skating Birthday Bash

Summer Camp Style Party-

Color Wars/Games, Chow, Firepit with Smores and Ghost Stories

Inflatable Obstacle Course/ American Ninja Warrior

Trip to the Fair with Friends

Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Summer Olympics (21+)-

slip and slide kickball, flip cup, buckets, 

Bohemian Picnic Party


Why not bring in traditional dancers (even if that means on Youtube) and hold a dance class

DIY Wine Tasting Party

Sangria Party

Neighborhood Cookout

Let’s Flamingle

More Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Summer Party Games

Summer Crafts for Parties and Fun Things to Make

Theme Ideas for Little Kids

Backyard Birthday Parties

Summer Birthday Food Ideas

Ice Cream

Summer Birthday Cakes & Cupcakes

Summer Birthday Party Decor





Pool Party

Picnic Party


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